Written on My Space page “The band’s first concert was under different names such as “Nail Polish” and a different line up and during the gig, the band announced the change of its name into Massive Scar Era”. So what is the concept of changing the name of the band and who are the current members?

Sherine: Well this is a big story, we had to change it among with the style and because back then, in Nail Polish, I was not the front woman, another girl was singing and we believe that the lead singer is what indentifies the band somehow, so when I became the lead singer of the band, we decided to change the name since we sound different.

Nancy: I will never forget my first gig with mascara, I was holding the violin and when I went on stage for the gig a guy from the audience was kind of making fun of me and he kind of said that I am not in the right place, but during the performance I made sure that he changed his mind!
And for now, I find myself part of the band and the violin is taking very important melodic and HARSH parts of music.

And Mascara current members are:

Sherine Amr (Lead Vocals/Guitars)
Nancy Mounir (Violin, Flute, Recorder, and Backing Vocal)
Perry Moataz (Bass Guitar, and Backing Vocal)
Hadeel Hussein (Drums, and Percussions)
With the possibility of Rawan joining after getting back from Saudi Arabia!

What is the story of each member of the band with her instrument?
Sherine: Well for me, I have always wanted to be a guitarist. Being a vocalist didn’t even cross my mind although I used to sing at school but still, I wanted to be a guitarist.

Nancy: My story with the violin is quite long! I had to play some other instruments before having the chance to play the violin, like for example the Mandolin, Piano and Flute. When I was a kid, I really wished to have a violin, but my parents didn’t like the idea so they suggested other instruments! Nowadays, I play some other instruments like flute and piano with the band.

Why did you take Hard Core to be the main band’s genre?
Sherine: This is what I like; this is what I compose… This is me

Hadeel: For hardcore fans to enjoy this kind of music and as hardcore bands are very few in Egypt.

What is the concept of taking a feminine name for the band ‘Massive Scar Era’ abbreviated to Mascara?
Sherine: It shows what we are –you see – I do believe we live in a Massive Scar Era. If u listen to WAR and HUMANITY you would understand and at the same time, we’re girls… and if u listen to DEMONIZED and FREEDOM you will hear and feel that this is a girl speaking with all the emotional stress she could be having in this country at her age.

Hadeel: Proving that girls can do pretty much everything guys can do, maybe better. Plus, a feminine touch in music makes the fans more excited about watching us perform and listening to our tracks.

Nancy: Well, girl’s band is a new experience and it is special, particularly in Egypt. We don’t see many female musicians especially for these genres.

The concept of all band members being girls, does that return us that you are anti-feminists or refuse the principle of equality between males and females?!
Sherine: It has nothing to do with Feminism; this is the only option I had in order to play music. My mother didn’t like the fact that I would jam in a studio with guys, and by time I realized that MOTHERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! Girl’s band is much safer… More fun… And we could focus on the music more, jam anywhere, and at any time.
Nancy: I have no problem working with guys, I already did this.

What is the message you’re trying to deliver to your fans?
Sherine: We’re here…we exist…We love music
Nancy: the message is mainly that the violin is not just a classical instrument; it can also be so aggressive sometimes.

Was it your first time to perform a song in Arabic-speaking lyrics at the El Sakia Acoustic concert on August? And does that mean that the band will perform English and Arabic-speaking lyrics in the coming period?
Sherine: No! “Ab3ad makan” is our third Arabic rock song; as well we have songs in Arabic, English, and French.

What about the Other Side of Mascara and what it means to you?
Sherine: It’s the other side of us all – seriously – we’re not into metal only of course.
Nancy: The Other Side of Mascara is the other side of us and our songs. We play the same songs, but with different arrangements like pure jazz and pure acoustic bossa nova with the same melodies and lyrics of our original songs.
Perry: I did not join in on the “Other Side” project because I was busy attending my film making workshop, which was very unfortunate, because I thought it was a great idea and I’m sure it was a blast, and I hope there would be a next time when I could then join the girls since I am a great fan of acoustic/unplugged songs.

Have you played with other bands, if yes are you still playing with them?
Nancy: Yes, I played as a guest with some other bands like “Massar Egbari” and some other bands. I recently participated with an independent musician Antonello Cresti in his album, but these days I am mainly concentrating with Mascara to work on our new tracks and the new output.

What did it meant to the band’s members when they were awarded in the International Music Competition held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina?
Sherine: I felt that I have potentials and that should be increased.

Nancy: well the BA award was important for me! First of all, it was a wonderful motivation that confirmed that I fit with Mascara; I mean violin wasn’t very logic, but people who gave me the award were well-known and professional in the music field. So, as I said it confirmed that I fit with the band!

Are you going to prepare or record your own album soon? And do you care if the recording label is inside or outside Egypt?
Perry: well, first we want to make it clear that the term PRODUCER refers to that person who adds the spices on the music, may make little changes in the drum lines; like how the ending and the beginning beat goes of the song. That person should be really experienced with a great taste in music. We did find the right person and we will soon reveal the name as soon as we finalize the deal with him.

Perry added: No! we would rather stay independent and record our albums from our own money. “We do not want anyone to control us”

Sherine: I personally do not want the band to sign with a record label, we want to remain independent. But we will Isa record in the coming period, on our own expenses, in the best studio in Egypt Isa.

Are you thinking to become global, are there any steps?
Sherine: We’re not ready yet, but we have this in the plan of course. We want to travel and share our music with the world. But we’re not that experienced yet.

What band arrangements and plans do you have in the future?
Sherine: Practice as much as we can. Play more together. Make new songs, and Study more music.