Hello, Marian! We’d love it if you share with us how you were drawn into the musical world.
I grew up in a family of music lovers and my grandfather was a jazz musician and professor of music. We had a piano and my grandfather gave me my first instrument when I was 9 and I always loved to sing! I first started writing poetry when I was a teenager and then later in my 20’s I started putting lyrics to music. I bought my first guitar and took lessons from a few different teachers and took voice lessons off and on. I was a guest vocalist on some of my friends recordings and I also wrote and recorded several unreleased songs with a guitarist who bowed out of continuing with our project after which I moved to Taos, New Mexico and began my journey as a solo artist. It has taken me a long time but I am finally releasing 3 songs I wrote and then recorded in Albuquerque with Donn Halliburton of On Fire Productions. I also took a Sync Licensing course in 2020 and then started working with a media and marketing coach to create an online presence in 2021. I hope to have my songs in film and television one day! 

REVIEW – Shadow of a Lie by Marian Simmons

Your music appears to be very passionate and intimate for you. We’re keen to know how you feel about putting your music out there for others to evaluate.

You are correct! I am passionate about my songs and these three releases were particularly personal. I felt very exposed and vulnerable but the love of the songs and my belief in myself as a songwriter helped me to overcome my fears. I also believe the songs were meant to be shared and I hope they bring some magick to the listener.

Where did you record your most recent single, “So Long,” and who was involved in its creation? I recorded “So Long” in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Donn Halliburton at On Fire Productions. He recorded the acoustic guitar and the arrangement exactly as I wrote it as well as all the other instruments. He really captured the essence of the song and I feel it carries the listener to the mountain and the emotion of its creation.


Based on the previous question, did any interesting challenges arise during any stage of the single’s production, whether it was songwriting, content creation, video filming, or recording?

This song came easily and is really simple actually but the story is deep. My current co-writer and compadre Philip Truitt filmed me at the Electric Temple Studio property for the video. It was really cold and I wanted to stop and get water and get warm but he urged me to keep filming with the promise that I would not be disappointed. He was absolutely right! I love the video! I chose the video images from and he merged the footage he filmed of me with the videos images. It all came together very nicely!

You mentioned that “Shadow of a Lie” was written with multiple scenarios in mind. If it’s ok with you, can we get further details?

I was in a romantic relationship with someone who was emotionally, verbally and psychologically abusive. It was on the edge of becoming physically abusive and I got out and later I wrote the lyrics. I felt like the song also grew to encompass many different scenarios whether that is family, career or intimate relationships where people are abusive and unhealthy for us and we are torn between our own emotional attachment and loyalty but with the realization that it is totally toxic and detrimental to our wellbeing to stay.


You’ve already released three fantastic singles; do you have any aspirations to release an album soon?

I am currently writing and recording new songs co-written with Philip Truitt at the Electric Temple Studio near Atlanta. I anticipate the songs will be released in the spring of 2022 as well as more videos!


As a solo artist, you’re doing an amazing job, but do you have any intentions to expand in the future?

Thank you! I am open to creating with other artists and producers in the future. Now that I have a momentum started it is an amazing feeling and I am excited to create more music and videos!


Finally, thank you for taking the time to speak with us, and please tell us more about your future hidden gems.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me! The songs Philip and I are writing now have a very mythical and mystical theme that I see as characters emerging to channel their stories through me as a lyricist and singer. I think when we collaborate with different artists a sort of alchemy happens. I am really excited about these songs and looking forward to 2022!

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