As the year 2021 draws to a close, how has the year been for you?

2021 was wild. A lot happened for Love Ghost and in my life personally, it was a year full of blessings, curses, trauma , growth but most importantly raw art. I am a work-a-holic and I always feel like I could be doing more than I am every year. But this year, had some really high moments. We collabed with some of my favorite artists on the planet, grew our following and 2022 is gonna be more crazy.

We’re pleased you guys got together and formed “Love Ghost” to make this amazing music. How did you all meet? Thank you so much, there’s been many incarnations of this band, and in this line-up everyone comes from somewhere else. Some of us met online, some through mutual homies. It all came together how it was supposed too.
You did a great job on your latest single, “Tell Me When!” Everything is flawless; the lyrics, voice, music, artwork, and music video are all well-crafted to tell a story! Aw, thank you. Im glad you resonate with the song. I hope it helps you. <3.


What was on your mind while composing “Tell Me When” music?
We were talking about heart-break and relationships. But also hope and healing. It’s painful but overall, its like wishing the other person the best and being grateful for the times we shared.


Could you tell us more about the story behind the “Tell Me When” lyrics?
Yes, like I said earlier, it’s a song about a broken relationship/ heart break. But it’s also about deciding what you want in life. I felt like I had a choice between starting a career and falling in love. It’s difficult as a hopeless romantic. I’m speaking for myself (Finn). Ryan wrote the chorus.
“The new music that’s coming from Love Ghost is just our storytelling of the things happening in our lives at the moment,” lead vocalist and guitarist Finnegan Bell said. Which single do you consider has the most personal tale about you in its lyrics? It changes, but maybe Fade Away. I got really vulnerable on that song. 

You indicated in a previous interview that you all come from different musical backgrounds and that your music test is diverse. How did you manage to settle on your current distinguished music style?
Honestly we just start creating, and it will go in unexpected directions and then eventually we’ll settle on something we all like.


So far, your music is fantastic! But have you ever experienced a creative block and been unable to create new music?
If that’s the case, how did you deal with it? YESSS, I get writers block a lot and I hate it. I’ll spend an entire day in my car writing and sometimes only have two words on the paper. It’s my pet-peeve. Then eventually inspiration will just come to me out of the blue.

REVIEW – Tell Me When by Love Ghost 

To someone who has never heard of your work before, what single would you suggest for him? And why?
I usually recommend “Closure” first. It’s our most popular song and I feel like it’s very well-rounded.


What is your favourite part when it comes to touring and performing live?
Also, have you ever had a fun incident on stage before? I love the energy and the love. If a show goes well, I get a huge adrenaline rush and I feel like I’m high. I also will try to have moments in the live show where I’ll create hills and valleys. I’ll get quiet and tell a personal story. I’ll do some crazy physical stunts and do something very daring. I want people to leave the show, feeling like they just went on a journey.


Finally, we wish you a happy new year filled with success, love, and laughter. What are your plans for 2022?
Thank you, same to you! We are going to do it big, release lots of music and play lots of shows.

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Viola Karmy