As they drop their debut EP Kicking Dust Up, Southern California-based rockers Lords of Dust prepare to take over the music scene with their groovy sound and fuzzy riffs so, and we had the chance to chat with them and learn about their sound and influences, let’s see how it went

I’d like to welcome you guys to Rock Era Magazine, excited to get to dig deep into your music.


  • First of all, we would love to know how you guys met. And what influenced each one of you to pick his instrument?

Three of us met in the local rock scene about 15 years ago, we played in several bands together, and not together, and about 4 years ago, reconnected via a Craigslist ad. We met our guitarist though another ad we put out after our guitar player left during the pandemic.

We all are avid consumers of all genres of music, and we love playing and listening to all kinds of music. Everyone but the singer is a multi instrumentalist, and that’s just what we do, we play, listen, and produce music, for people to listen to.

  • What’s the story behind the band’s name Lords of Dust?

Well, the pandemic shut the world off, so we locked ourselves in our studio and decided to make the music we always wanted to make. Everything for a Lords of Dust song, starts with the Riff. Once the hook is in, and the Riff is able to breathe, the rhythm section feeds off the Riff. And the vocals lay over, on top of a mountain of weed and whiskey, and a lot of time, giving each song what we like to call “the treatment”. Pre-production and investing in a basic recording setup was crucial in the writing of this EP, and the next one coming soon.

Listening to your debut EP Kickin Dust Up, you’ve got a lot of classic heavy metal and stoner influences, can you tell us how your writing process went on this EP?

We get inspired by marijuana, alcohol, and other great music. It is the result of the four of us locking ourselves in our studio and trying to write a record that would inspire someone to, get on, go fast, and get out.


What song off Kickin Dust Up will you recommend for someone who wants to get into your music?

Mr Sranger, has a little bit of everything we do. Heavy Metal for everyone.

I can see that you’re playing Planet Mammoth Fest. on the 9th of March and you already shared the stage with big names in the stoner doom/rock scene, have you got any other upcoming tours or gigs planned to support the EP?
We’re playing the Planet Mammoth festival on MARCH 10th. We don’t have any tours planned, but we have one off shows coming up locally, and really just want to serve up good entertainment for any bands traveling through our area. We’re pretty working class so touring is a tough pill to swallow.

  • Debuts are always just the beginning and bands take off from there adding new elements and directions to their sound, do you see yourself steering into new sounds or adding different elements in your upcoming releases?

The best part about this ep, is the songs and our sound are so young. Most bands spend their whole life writing their first album, we started writing the song 3 years ago, so no, we’re having too much fun with the sound and the style of what we’re doing to change, and we’re the kind of band that enjoys staying in their lane. Expect no country album coming soon.

  • What are your post-Kickin Dust Up plans? Shall we expect a full-length soon?

More music, more riding, more smoking, more drinking, and more taking care of business. And no, no full length coming in the future, the internet affords us the opportunity to release music in a shorter format, easier for people to consume, and not be dictated by a Vinyl side length. So we can release shorter collections to keep people on their toes and always paying attention. The industry changed a long time ago.