Christina Jansen

Lapels are a fast rising 4-piece indie rock band from Britain “Nathan, Andy, Will and Adam”, they released two singles “All Things Down To You” and “Warning Lights” in 2021. On the 25th Feb, 2022 they released their 3rd single “The Life and Times”

We’ll get to know them more in this interview and dig deeper into their new singles and see if they are planning an upcoming album. So, let’s get into it!

1. First of all, what was the very first spark that made you decide to play together?

I’d say it was just a love of playing music to be honest and because of how good it all sounded. There’s only so long you can be a bedroom player before you want to get out there and start playing with people so that gave Andy and I the drive to start working together and to get a band around us to go and play live.

2. What’s your main influences? And what made each one of you pick his instrument?

It’s hard to say what our main influences are because I think it changes depending on what mood we’re in or what we’re currently listening to which can vary quite a bit. But I would probably say The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Ocean Colour Scene etc and some old soul stuff here and there.
I think the choice of instrument just comes naturally, it wasn’t really a conscious decision as we started on different instruments but you soon find your way to what you’re supposed to play.

3. Since the release of “All Things Down to You” and “Warning Lights” you’ve been compared to Oasis a lot, did you expect that? And how did this affect your direction?
Yeah we noticed those comparisons were coming in. To be honest, we don’t necessarily think that ourselves but if people want to make those comparisons, that’s their choice, and we do like Oasis so it doesn’t really bother us. It hasn’t affected our direction at all. We’d never want to try and sound like Oasis and we didn’t on those singles where the comparison was made but of course, people will always find comparisons in any music so we’ve just carried on writing as usual.

4. How do you describe the sound of your 3rd single “The Life and Times”? Is there a story behind its lyrics?
Slightly different I suppose than the first two singles. It’s got more emphasis on the acoustic guitar and there’s bits of piano and hammond which give it a different sound to the first two. Essentially I think it’s a fuller sound and it’s my personal favourite at this point.
The story is basically about two characters that have a destructive relationship but I’m not gonna go too much into it, it’s down to the people really to take what they will from it.

5. Which of your released songs so far do you think describes “Lapels” sound?
I wouldn’t say a single one describes our sound 100%, there’s different things in all of them and there’s many different sides to the band which is why we’ve chosen the singles that we have, to show a different side to our sound and songwriting.

6. How usually does your writing process go?
Andy and I usually get an idea for a song separately which we’ll work on, on our own, and then we’ll come together and finish it off but it does tend to vary quite a bit. Sometimes we’ve finished songs completely independently and sometimes we’ve sort of worked on a song together from the start or from a very basic idea.

7. Can we expect a full length soon? If so, can you give us a sneak peak about it’s sound and subjects it’ll tackle?
Hopefully we will be putting an album out at some point in the near future but I don’t know too much about that yet. I don’t wanna give too much away about it but they’re all great tunes so we’re buzzing to get it out there.

8. Since gigs are finally coming back again, are you planning any tours/gigs in 2022?
Should be playing plenty of gigs this year, as for touring, there’s nothing I know of as of yet but hopefully it’s something we’ll look at doing and obviously all that info will be put on our socials.

Thanks guys, wishing you the best of luck.
Cheers for having us.