We had the opportunity to interview Kaysha Louvain, who has a very soft-touching yet very forceful sound. The Retro-Pop/Country artist is based in South Wales and has spent the last ten years honing her skills by playing and writing songs in many bands, till she’s become the outstanding artist we’re chatting with today. This year, she released three singles. “The Crown” is the third and final single from her upcoming album “The Song Goes On,” which is set to be released on February 24th, 2022.

You’ve been in the music world since a young age, but how did you begin that journey?

I started on stage at a local musical theatre company. I already knew I loved being on stage, from performing in Primary School performances.

You’ve done covers and original music; how different does it feel to perform a song you wrote?
It’s a completely different feeling. Though I love performing covers, performing your own song to a crowd that are singing your own songs back to you, is such a high.

Every artist has certain influencers. Who in the country music scene inspires you the most?
In the country music scene it would have to be Miranda Lambert. She’s an incredible songwriter, with such a unique voice. Her songs are always honest and relatable.

What song out there makes you wish it was originally yours?
That is so difficult as I listen to so many different genres of music. One that sticks out is Tin Man by Miranda Lambert.

It would be such a loss if you weren’t a musician, but what other thing would you do with your life?
I would like to think I would stay around the music industry. I do enjoy finding new artists for my record label SWND. I enjoy the media side of things. Creating music videos and videography.

If you were to explain each and every one of your songs in one statement, how would you do it?
Love, life and loss.

Despite the pandemic’s circumstances, you provided us with your great music. How would you describe your experience working during such a difficult time?
I was very lucky to have met Jammy Harris at the beginning of 2021 and we worked on Summer Lovers as a trial to see how we worked together and the relationship just blossomed. He so very talented and such a lovely guy. He’s someone that I will have working on my music and my live shows for many years to come.

Among your three singles, may you tell us which one was personally the hardest to create?
Personally The Crown was the hardest because it was the most personal. However it has been the most rewarding. 

“The Crown,” your new single, is fantastic! What’s the backstory to this?
Growing up in a small town, everyone knew who I was. My family is well known. I always felt the pressure and expectation growing up.

Based on the previous question, how did you come up with the single’s music?
In actual fact I can’t remember how I began writing this song. It is a blur in my memory, I think I dived so deep in my past it was very emotional.

Last, congrats on the release of your new album. What else do you have planned for the new year?

Thank you! It was a success and now we move on to some live shows. I have already started writing the next album so it’s all go from now on.
I have a remix of Red Lights in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for that.