● Judy, you’re quite the character! We loved your music indeed.

Thank you comrade!
● You clearly have what it takes to be a great rockstar. What kind of musical identity do you want to leave out there?
I think you said it, Viola, I would like to convey the identity of a great rock star.
● What would you be doing right now if you weren’t pursuing a career in music?
Good question.  As a retired old-age pensioner (I’m seventy-two now) I have the time to explore whatever I fancy.  When I was sixty-four I bought a guitar in a charity shop and started writing songs.  Hard to say where I’d go now, other than music, but there are so many choices and the world’s my lobster!
● Is there any genre of music that you dislike and find difficult to listen to, or would never think of creating a song in that style?
 Just save me from sentimental schmaltzy music in the style of Bing Crosby.  “Have yourself a merry little Christmas…”  OMG!  Ugh!

● Your new single “I’ll Survive” is an absolute joy to listen to. What was the process for creating it?
The method of song-writing for me varies, sometimes the riffs come first, sometimes the words come first.  I often find a theme can trigger a song and that could come from a news item for example.  A few years ago I read in the papers about that poor little toddler who was found dead on a beach after the boat carrying him and his family and other refugees capsized.  Would you remember that?  It seemed the whole world was upset.  It was heartbreaking, and it stayed with me for a long time.  I wrote a song – I TRY – after I read that.  But on the other hand on a lighter note I’m very happy writing vanilla-type lyrics if the song’s got a good groove.
● The music video for “I’ll Survive” is very humorous! We’re guessing it was more amusing to create. Would you give us a behind-the-scenes tour and inform us?
Together with Chip Creative, my videographer, we had a ball!  I was lucky enough to be given the full run of the Neptune pub in Hove before opening time, to film the performing band scenes, and there were a lot of laughs that afternoon.  But the scene where I’m falling backwards into the opening front door was uncomfortable.  Even discreetly placing a cushion in the hallway behind me didn’t really save the impact to my skull.  Theseus, my co-musician in that scene said, “I feel your pain!”.
● Did you set out to write “I’ll Survive” in a comedic tone from the start, or did it just happen?
The first verse I wrote in all seriousness: “Cos of my foolish heart/no lover now…”  All about the jilted heart!  But by the fourth line, “Oh self-destructive me!” I realised this song was going the way of self-pitying, spaniel-eyed preposterousness, and I enjoyed hamming up the rest of it! 
● What tips would you provide to someone who is just getting started in this field?
I’d say, follow your heart if you love music, jump in with both feet.  I’d also say take it at your own pace – there’s a lot to learn about the business of it all.  And be confident.  You deserve recognition.  If you don’t feel confident, pretend to be confident – you’ll get the hang of it eventually! 
● Finally, it was really a pleasure to talk with you. Would you unravel some of your upcoming plans for us? 
I’m three-quarters of the way through recording an album of my songs.  I’ve already released two singles, HIDE AWAY and I’LL SURVIVE, as forerunners to the album.  It’s a fun project, and I’ll be gigging those songs very soon.

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