GaneShaMan‘ is one of the most impressive that I heard recently. Check out my chat with John Sharling from Kuko De Kobra below!

Congrats guys for your latest amazing album. I read that your grandfather was an influence on the band’s name, right?

My grandfather’s brother. His real name was Johannes Rasmussen which is generic as names come in Denmark. But he worked as a sideshow and circus performer in the 40’s and ’50s and had to have a cool name. He chose Kuko De Kobra. I’ve never met him but heard stories of his antics growing up. He was like a folk hero to my sister and me – a kind of lovable rogue.

“Melody is king and the riff is the crown prince” a great motto for the band indeed. Is this considered the core of your music?

Yes, I would say so. A good riff goes far but a good melody throughout – that is a whole other thing. If you can combine the two you have something that I would consider great rock music. Melody is always important. Also in arrangements.

There’s a gap of time between each album of you guys, why does it take some time for releasing new material?

Life happens. And this time especially it took a long time. I am not going to be unfair – but the producer had a lot going on at the time. Too much. There was so much waiting on my part. It drove me mad. But in the end, we made a great record.


Also, what is the difference between ‘GaneShaMan’ and your previous releases?

This one is the tough one. Our debut was very eclectic and on our second I tried to write poppier songs so we could have airplay and hits and so on. That didn’t work the way I had planned so I thought: “The next one is going to be heavy!”

Tell me more about ‘GaneShaMan’ lyrical themes.

GaneShaMan is a concept album about three childhood friends who meet again later in life. Their stories are very different but interconnect in a lot of ways. A dramatic turn of events leads them to a shared hospital room where they are visited by Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. They are all medicated and have dreams where Ganesha leads them through their shared past and tries to connect them to their new paths.

I tried to find any music videos for your latest album but didn’t find any. Are you aiming to release one soon?

I have made a couple but haven’t been focusing that much on getting them out. Maybe later.

Although, I see your music is very tight and melodic, aren’t you considering adding guest musicians later on to add more elements for your music?

I would love to have a six-man band. Two guitars, bass, drums, and keys. I would be in front concentrating on singing. Like a fat Ronnie James Dio. But people generally are busy and I can understand they need to do their own thing. In fact, Kuko De Kobra is more or less just me at the moment. But that does not stop me from making music even just for my own enjoyment.

Finally, thank you for the chat, and tell your fans about your next 2021 plans.

Right now I am in the process of trying to write new material. I would very much like to begin recording a little in the summer. Because I am more or less alone now I will be able to include who I want to and make what I want to. It is going to be quite eclectic – but also heavy. There is a part of me wanting to make a stoner-ish type of record and a part of me who want to make a rocking, an eclectic album with as many of my musician friends represented as possible. Hell, I might even have some colleagues adding handclaps just for the hell of it. But these are just ideas. Thank you for the interview – all the best.

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