Faking It is an Egyptian Punk Rock trio founded in the end of summer 2006 by the band’s vocalist Mahmoud Kamel who goes under the name Houdster, whom I had a chance to interview.


How are you Houdster?
Houdster: I am very good, NJ. Nice to meet you!

Same here Houdster! So, shall we start?
Houdster: Yea, shoot!

How did the band get started and when?
Houdster: Well, the whole idea started in 2006. I have always been a fan of Punk Rock, so I decided to start a band! I put up a flyer at the studio searching for a drummer and Marwan answered. Then we started jamming and forming the rest of the band, sharing the same interested in music.

So, basically, you weren’t friends with the band members till they joined the band?
Houdster: Yea, but then we became best friends, more like brothers. Sharing the good and the bad moments just like a little family!

That is so good! So, tell me…What is the name about? Faking It?
Houdster: Faking It is basically a shout out to all the posers and people who are pretending to be something they aren’t. Basically, we know who you are, so beware!

Ha-ha! Nice answer. Are you only a vocalist or do you play an instrument?
Houdster: I started off playing guitar with the band, until recently our bassist left. So, we became a trio, and I got to play the bass and sing lead vocals, Marwan Zaki the drummer does the backing vocals, while Youssef Ahmad is our lead guitarist.

Who are your influences and role models in Rock?
Houdster: Mine? Or as a band?

Well, both!

Houdster: My role model is Matt Skiba, from Alkaline Trio. They have a great influence on me. As for the band, we have got too many to say, for example, The Distillers, Good Riddance, Plus44, Angels and Airwaves, My Chemical Romance, Blink182, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Muse, AFI, Jimmy Eat World, Senses fail, Rise Against, Green day, The Ramones, Boxcar Racer, Fall Out Boy and Offspring.


What about your originals?
Houdster: We have 4 originals which we performed live, and we just finished recording them in our EP. They are Denial, Politicians, End of the World and Disjointed Words. Other originals like Light the Path and Memories of a Dying Punk Rocker are still in the recording process.

When will the people be able to hear your originals?
Houdster: They will be on MySpace this week.

And who writes them?
Houdster: I write the rhythm line for the guitar and the lyrics. Then the rest of the band listens to what I’ve come up with, and they add their lines.

When was your first time on stage? And how was it?
Houdster: My friends and I organized our first show in a club called Marimba. First, we were really nervous, but later on we got rid of these feelings when we saw the energy coming from the crowd. We used this energy to rock the house, and it ended up being a great show. It felt awesome, getting a chance to play our music in front of people, and their response was amazing; it was the best feeling ever!

When was this event?
Houdster: The 23rd of March 2007

How many concerts have you preformed in your musical career?
Houdster: About 20 shows over 2 years.

What do you think is your best?
Houdster: Our best are the ones at El-Sakia. The crowd is awesome there!

What are your lyrical themes?
Houdster: My lyrical themes are based on personal experiences in life, things I go through, either good or bad. However, sometimes it deals with global issues and I try to write them in a way where people can relate.

Nice, have you performed with Egyptian bands before?
Houdster: Yes, many. Brain Candy, Scorpionism, Idlemind, and Serenade.

Who did you enjoy playing with the most?
Houdster: Brain Candy, we are almost the only 2 punk bands in Egypt and we are close friends as well.

Very nice! Since you guys are looking so forward, who do you wish to be like from the legendary bands?
Houdster: A little from AC/DC to a little of Blink 182.

Sweet! If you got ever the chance, would you want to perform with them?
Houdster: Hell yes!

Who else do you dream to perform with?
Houdster: Green Day, Alkaline Trio and Muse.

Tell me, Houdster, what are your plans for the future?
Houdster: Well, I hope when our album gets out we hopefully get a record deal and start touring abroad.

Great dreams, hopefully one day they will become true!
Houdster: We are hoping and working on it!

Last but not least, do you want to tell something to your fans out there?
Houdster: Well, support your local Punk Rock scene, listen to music and enjoy life!

Faking It” has a gig on the 15th of May at the Lycée Francais. See you guys there!