Renowned Dutch musician and music therapist Harry Kappen has released a politically motivated new single, “WarGames.” Following his full-length album “Escape” that was released earlier in 2022, Kappen wanted to bring the year to an end with a meaningful song that not only provokes people’s thoughts, but also makes an impact on the music scene. “WarGames” addresses political turmoil across the world, while also bringing a call to action for issues such as climate change, media misinformation, social ignorance and more.  

Hey Harry!  Congrats on your new album, “Escape.”Tell us the story behind the album and the title.
I’m actually always busy writing songs and when I found out that I could think of a common denominator for a number of them, I continued with that. The common denominator was escape; escape from violence, from threat and escape in art, love and dreams.

I’ve always had a love for concept albums and I saw the chance to make one myself. The result is 12 songs on the album: ‘Escape’. From hiding into a Vincent van Gogh painting to walking barefoot in the dew and hiding for vikings.

How did you get started in the music industry?

Making music started in high school in rock & roll school bands and through blues bands to funky bands to improvisation rock bands, so playing a lot and always writing original songs.

I also worked in studios and recorded many pop bands and wrote for Dutch television. I couldn’t imagine a life without music, and not without composing and producing. I like the process, the puzzle to put together, finding the right sound and feel for what you want to express.  The current technology and possibilities are of course a blessing, now I am no longer dependent on record companies and I can do what I want. And there is still so much on the shelf that I want to continue working on.

You’re from The Netherlands. How has that influenced your music?

The Netherlands has acted as a kind of testing ground for new music for many record companies and artists outside Europe for many years. As if it was an entrance to Europe. That meant that we in the Netherlands were very well informed about what was happening musically worldwide. So all those influences have influenced me and my music is therefore very eclectic; I like ballads, small guitar songs, but also the grand gesture with a complete orchestra and heavy guitar sounds.

What’s the best “road” story you can tell us?

No I’m sorry I don’t have that many road stories to tell you. Of course you experience crazy things as a band, especially in the middle of the night on your way home, but those are also the things you keep to yourself as a common memory in the band. That creates that bonding feeling. And afterwards you still laugh about it after years. And then you only have to say a word and the rest will know what it’s about. it’s part of the nostalgic rock & roll feeling. I would suggest to create your own stories, then you’ll what I’m talking about 🙂

You are also a music therapists. How do you find time for writing and recording, as well as providing your services?
Yes, that is indeed an occasional problem for me; it is an art to find a good balance in this. So far I have always found the time for both.

I love my job and helping my clients, mostly adolescents and their families, but I also love producing and composing my music (for myself as well as for others). Time will tell how things will turn out.

Any dream collaborators that you would love to work with in the future?

One of my songs on the Escape album is “When I sleep”. It’s about dreaming about meeting some of my heroes. I wish it were true to meet Paul McCartney, Tom Yorke or David Grohl one day, but I don’t think I would work with them; they do what they do very well and I do my thing. But a beer or cup of tea would be nice, a nice conversation about music or maybe music therapy is enough for me. It would be an honor for me if they would like to meet me, but let’s not talk about collaboration.

What is the best advice you can give to a young, up and coming musician?
Don’t give up, get better, find your own way to express yourself. Don’t force yourself in one particular style, enjoy making music, have fun, take your time and listen to what your heart is telling you.

Thanks so much Harry!  We love the LP, and can’t wait to hear more from you!!

That’s nice to say, thanks for having me in your magazine. If you want to hear more music I suggest to check out my website: . For instance my latest single ‘Wargames’ can be heared there and very very soon my newest release: ‘The Freedom Inside’ !

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