When I checked these guys debut release “The Official“; I felt that they are a good seed for a new grunge era. And I got very curious to know more about them and their upcoming plans. Let’s find out more about Halfwait!

● Hello guys! How did you gather up and shaped the idea of forming the band?

As kids, we looked up to bands like Nirvana, Blink182, NOFX, Metallica..Chris and I started jamming in his parents garage when we were 15, playing Silverchair, Foo Fighters covers. At the end of 2009 we started to write our own material and that’s when Halfwait was official.

● You mentioned before guys that each one of you has a different musical background. Which it’s very common these days unlike before. In your opinion this could be a positive or negative point for the band?

[Jon] Yeah I think it’s positive. We all have our different backgrounds in genres and styles it comes out in every song off “The Official” from upbeat punk anthems “Leave”, “Save Me”, and “Now and the after” to a more grungy feel in “Would You?” and “Make it on your own”

● You released an EP last year, and this year you have a full-length. Is there any difference between preparations for both records? Or it was kidna same process?

The EP was recorded at Electric Sun with Steve Knight tracking and Dave Petrovic producing in 9 months. “The Official” album was recorded over 14 months and we used Chris Blancato to record drums and guitars with Dave putting his mixing/mastering touch on it.

● Well, I like the music of “Who Are You?” but I am bit confused with its message. What is the story behind the song?
[Jon] We all come from different places and backgrounds in life but always remember your values and where you come from and basically do what you need to do to make yourself happy and not what everyone else says that it’s the way you should do it.

[Chris] The meaning behind the story in the video is a boy who is neglected ultimately lands himself in jail and is taught the hard way to respect people. Sometimes you can’t teach young people to live the right way, they just have to live their own way and one day they will find out for themselves.

● Some rock fans get confused between the difference of punk and grunge. Can you clarify it more?

Punk is more political and doing something that’s making a statement in music in a fun upbeat way and I think grunge is more like the more deeper and more soulful reality side lyrically mixed in with high gain guitars.

● You were very keen for the production process to choose one of the high-profile producers and engineers like Dave Petrovic. Do you have any advice for newcomers regarding choosing sound engineers and studios?

Dave is a good friend of ours and was an awesome producer to work with and we have been lucky to work with him on both the EP and the official album.

I guess some good advice would be to find a producer that matches your style and is easy to get along with because there are a lot of hours spent in the studio. Be prepared to work hard but also have trust in the producers vision. We highly recommend Chris Blancato, he had a big hand in the recording process for “The Official”. I think Dave and Chris were the perfect mix of producers for our first full length album.

● Currently you have a national touring plan promoting for your album. But what about your international appearance? Any plans for festivals soon?

Yeah currently we are doing the National tour of Australia promoting the release of our latest album but we have also been working hard with our management team in the background at Dropout Media planning to begin touring internationally next Year.

● Okay, you guys started 8 years ago. How do you describe the change of music industry over the years? And how this effect on your band?

I guess the whole music industry has changed dramatically with the new ways to connect with your favourite music and fans using Facebook and different social media programs. For us it has given us an opportunity to connect with our fans outside of shows we play and also market ourselves in different ways online without being signed to a record label.

● Finally, there are many fans for grunge/punk in the Middle East. Would you considering to come and perform here someday?

That’s awesome grunge/punk has spread that far! Yeh definitely! if we got the opportunity.