• First, congrats on your new single guys which it’s a unique indie sound indeed. Well done! Tell me more about the beginning of your musical journey.

Hey, thanks very much, glad you like it! I can’t remember when it started to be honest, there was always a guitar lying around my house for some reason, no one really played or anything, I’d say I started playing properly around 6/7, and it went from there really. I became so invested in music around the age of 12/13, completely obsessed with music and the guitar. I guess the next stage was always to write my own music, right?


• Gareth Halliday had a great touch on ‘Be Like This’ artwork, but tell your fans what the song theme is about?
Hmm, I guess the proof is in the pudding really. Things change, nothing stays the same even if they should, “It won’t always be like this”.


• I noticed that you are shining in the local Irish scene in a very short time. Does this make you more worried about what’s next to deliver to your fans or you don’t think of it this way?

I would never say I’m worried about what we do next, As much as I care about what our fans and future fans feel, it’s our music, we can do what we want with it.

Since it’s the first single off your upcoming EP ‘The Pits and The Glamour’. When it’s gonna be released, and what lyrical themes will it include?
I never really worry about lyrical themes as such. Everyday life and relationships I guess would be a common theme through our. I’ll never write something that doesn’t relate to myself or the band.

I tried to check for music videos, but I wasn’t lucky enough. Do you have any or planning to release any soon?
We’ve none released at the moment. It’s not that we’re against them but you see so many awful budget videos so we sort of feel unless it’s not done right, don’t do it.


Finally, how are you gonna promote your EP, especially that the COVID effect still exists?
As best as we can, we’re lucky enough to get radio play and write ups all around the globe by great supporters of music like yourselves, we’ll manage.

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Mena Ezzat