After the success of the show in the GEFLE METAL FESTIVAL 2023, I’m so happy that we were able to interview with SPIRAL SKIES, this band are a fast-moving and hardworking band. 9 years into their career and they’ve put out some top-quality music. Formed in 2014, this talented five-piece from Stockholm, Sweden, delivers a characteristic and energetic Psychedelic Doom Metal/Rock that relentlessly pounds their audience with catchy riffs and memorable choruses.


Big thanks to the band’s singer Frida Eurenius for taking the time to answer some of my questions!

  • How did your band get started, and what initially drew you to singing metal music?Spiral Skies started back in 2014. The guys had already been playing with each other for a couple of years, jamming and writing songs. They´d tested a few singers but stuff did´nt work out. I was contacted since I´d put out an add on bandfinder, searching for a new band. I was a bit skeptical at first but when I heard the guys playing I was convinced.I have always loved to sing. I started to listen to metal at the age of 12 and Nightwish was my biggest inspiration in my youth. Nowadays I listen to a lot of styles but my old fav never gets rusty.
  • What does the name “SPIRAL SKIES” refer to in the context of the band name?The name is taken from a Black Sabbath song. We had another name a couple for months but it did´nt fit us. We had a meeting where I listed about 25 suggestions of band names and then we simply voted. We vote when we can´t agree. I think « spiral skies » was the only name we all felt something for.


  • What are some of your biggest musical influences?

We all have different music influences within the band but we share the same passion for the great 70s band such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. But we are very strong influenced by folk rock, black metal, goth rock, punk, grunge, desert rock… the list goes on. We write all the songs together so it is always a big blend of stuff.

  • When did you decide that you wanted to start writing and performing your own music? What brought that about for you? or How do you approach songwriting? Is there a particular process you follow?

For me it’s as probably as soon as i could talk and walk. My parents tells me about singing with a brush as a microphone in front of the mirror. I used to put up circus shows for my family as well, ha ha. Singing and performing has always been a passion for me, as well as writing novels and texts, and illustrating.

The process within the band is usually that we jam whatever we are up to in the reherasal room. If we hear something nice we record it with my cell phone. I have tons of fragments and riffs and melodies on it. Then we start building with what we have, and sometimes we let it go and drop the song, and sometimes we can write one song at one rehearsal. It is different from time to time.

  • The whole package looks really neat. Who is behind the cover artwork?

Thank you ! We are so pleased with it. The cover design as well as the design of the vinyl is made by Jonathan Hultén (ex. Tribulation). We love his artwork.

  • What’s the story behind your latest album “Death Is But A Door”?

The latest album is our second one. The biggest difference from the début « blues for a dying planet » is that all the songs are written by the current members. A big difference is that this time we used a professional studio and a producer (Emil Drougge). Last time we did everything ourself in the rehersal room.

  • How can you describe AOP Records in two words, what would you say?

Devoted and passionated.

  • What do you hope listeners take away from your music, both in terms of its sonic qualities and its message or themes?

I hope the listeners can enjoy the songs, no matter what mood they are in. Cause I think the album consists of many moods and themes, both dark and bright, heavy and light. We have not really did anything to limit ourselves either in song writing or lyrical themes. It is quite a risk, since listeners loves to box music and put a label on it, but hopefully our listeners can enjoy the variation of our music in the same way we love to create and perform them.

  • Tell me about GEFLE Metal Festival, what is it like?

It is one of the biggest metal festivals in Sweden, and It is such a nice festival. I go there every year and always have such a good time. To finally play there was a dream come true. Most of the bands play black metal, death metal and thrash metal so It´s quite nice that we recieved one slot. Seems like the audicence appreciated us as well !

  • Are there any new or upcoming projects that you’re particularly excited about?

At the moment we are taking a break since I am having a baby. That means we wont play any shows this fall. It is the first pause since 2014, but since we´re celebrating 10 years as band next spring I can assure you there will be some cool stuff ahead. We will write songs for the next album, and we also want to tour and play more festivals, so if you have any ideas – let us know.

  • What are your goals as a band for the rest of the year?

To find a new band member since Sonny (guitarrist) has left the band since he moved to the north of Sweden, and the distance was not going well for us this spring. Otherwise we will land a bit and focus on writing new material. And be grateful for the awesome shows of 2023 !

  • What advice would you give to aspiring metal musicians, both in terms of musical skills and navigating the music industry?

Just go for it and do what you love ! You will be unhappy if you don´t. Music is a passion and if you are the driven kind, you can get far.
If you play in a band you have to remember that the social skills are as much important as the musical skills. There are lot of compromises and you have to be ready to « kill your darlings » in order to keep the band going. When it comes to the music industry, it is truly a bit*ch, but You´ll learn to navigate. Practice makes good. But if you really cannot live without the music (as for me) your life will be so much richer. One of the best moments in my life are when we have played an awesome show in front of a great audience. And the feeling of knowing that someone listens to your stuff- appreciating it. That is truly awesome, and it makes the spiral skies train just keep on going, even though we most often bleed both in economics and time, haha !

  • How do you balance artistic expression with commercial success, and how do you decide when to prioritize one over the other?

We like the idea of a package. That is why we dress as we do, wearing masks, having so called themes in our lyrics. But we also have a need of free expression. But sometimes, if we feel something we write are a bit out of the spiral skies box, we just let it go. I think we should have at least another band beside spiral skies, haha ! Our influences are so weird from time to time, that it can be hard to stay on some kind of path.

  • Finally, thanks for your time, Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for supporting us and listening to our music. If you have not, I would be really glad if you could give it a spin. And shout out if you want us to play in your hometown!

Spiral Skies lineup is:

  • Frida Eurenius: Vocals
  • Dan Svanljung: Guitar, Organ, Piano, and Didgeridoo.
  • Jonas Lyander: Guitar
  • Eric Sandberg: Bass
  • Daniel Bäckman: Drums, and Percussion.

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