First, I salute you for your metal vibes indeed. Tell me guys, how did you gather up?

FIRSTLY I’D LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU…well actually i found each guy thats on our debut album by a ad app online!! got lucky

‘Built 4 This Shit’ is a great mix of modern NU-metal and 80s metal. Is this your aim in all your music?

well, the influences are there in the music if you listen closely you can tell where this style of arrangement came from.. the 80’s gave us great songs… so arrangements were great..but built for this shit i think (to me) is more 90s NU METAL 2.0

Well, it’s part of your upcoming album, what lyrical themes does the album discuss?

THE ALBUM was written about human emotions, always wanting and needing id say ,we all need or want something we can not have!

Usually, bands prefer local labels, still, you prefer to choose an overseas company. What’s your advice for newcomers to release through labels and not independently?

Well, I’ll have to say our label has put in some work..granted we could have done it all ourselves we are really capable of the task. but have a company behind you has its advantages. 

‘Waste’ music video is well made. Was it your idea? And do you have any music videos coming up soon?

‘WASTE’ was a really good idea, our ex vocalist who is on the song had some good shot ideas ..same here i had some great ideas as well, my ideas turned out really good! as for the next video we are ready but we have some members out of town soon so we have to shoot when they return… but it will be for built for this shit!

Mercedes joined your forces as the front-person vocalist, does this require any changes to the album songwriting plans?

NO!! still going to bring you our brand of HEAVY ..i’ve (Mike/guitar) already started writing!!! have like 6 songs started!!!

Finally, tell your fans about your 2021 plans, especially that the live scene isn’t active enough recently.

Well, 2021 we will be doing shows in LA and san diego..cant forget vegas and phoenix arizona/// 2022 plans are to come to europe and play the fests of summer!!

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Mena Ezzat