Fishing With Guns is a french Hardcore/screamo band from Paris, France.

Here’s how they represent themselves: “6 guys… 6 different ways of feeling music… but one goal… rocking your socks off!!! Come feel the fever and let us guide you through our experience of creating sound…”

If you are one of the lucky people who attended the outstanding tour here in Egypt and saw one of the best performance ever happened in the last ten years ,you will know what I am talking about , they were so energetic and hyperactive.If you want to know even more about the band and the tour read more and enjoy it like I did.

How did the band start and when?

FWG: The band started in may 2005 in Paris. Guillaume (bass) and Christophe (guitar) were looking for musicians to start a metal band. They first found a drummer then I joined the band and finally we engaged Remi (guitar). The band was born. One year later we changed the drummer and Max joined us.


Do You mean anything with the name?

FWG: Well the first name of our band was Layback (like the old school skateboard trick). But one day while I was watching a DVD I found the name fishing with guns. I thought it was a great name, both explicit and meaningless. Everyone can find its own explanation. But first of all it sounds great! A mix of violence and humor. Just like us.


Being a french band, Do you guys usually sing in French or English? and when singing in English, is it to reach a wide range of people outside France?

FWG: We’ve got both English and French lyrics. But most of our songs are in English. I think it’s easier to write AND sing lyrics in English. The English speaking tones are made for Rock N’ Roll. French ones not pretty much. But singing in English is not a way to reach a wide range of people because no one understands my lyrics!


What are your lyrical themes and were they based on inner or social struggles facing the band members?

FWG: Our lyrical themes are often based on life and everything involved in it. They also talk about films and what influences us on TV, Radio… We don’t have any political messages. We talk about things that make us laugh or cry.


How do you guys musically categorize your music and what is your opinion in rising of so many subgenres ?

FWG: We usually categorize our music as a «metal hardcore N roll» mix. But we can’t just categorize it with these 3 words. We also put some punk rock style some waltz some thrash riffs and some post rock shades.


There are a lot more Hardcore bands in USA than Europe, is Fishing With Guns planning to do a tour in north America ?

FWG: We didn’t plan for any tour in north America for the moment. It’s not that easy for us to organize such a tour ‘cause we all have day jobs and no manager.


Are you guys signed to any major label yet?

FWG: Not at the moment. There are not many labels in France for such kind of music. We first have to record a good CD and then we’ll be able to contact these labels.


Can I know the discography of the band?

FWG: We just recorded a 3 tracks demo so far.


Can you name me some bands you guys played with, and in your opinion who are the best hardcore-scremo bands now in addition to influences on your music?

FWG: Sickbag, Human ashtray, My severed pieces, Hollyblood Blvd, Your prince Harming, Brain candy, Autist, New dalton…

Some modern bands like Converge, Poison the well, Neurosis, The black dahlia murder, Metallica, Every Time I Die, Cancer bats or The Bronx are huge influences for us.


You guys said on Myspace «6 guys,6 different music backgrounds» what are these music backgrounds?

FWG: Metal, Hardcore, Postrock, punk, electro, drum’n bass, rap, thrash, heavy metal.

We have a lot of common music backgrounds with bands such as Snot, Pantera, Deftones, Beastie boys, Rage against the machine, The dillinger escape plan… But we all have personal tastes that bring a good mix of influences in our music.


Is there any album release date and are there any official videos for the band yet?

FWG: Yes. We’re gonna start our next recording in Paris on mid October.

We’re also working on our next videos. We have a lot of gigs videos so we have a huge work to do to transform them in a good clip. We’re thinking of an official video but we keep concentrated on our recording session.


Who are the bands you wish to play with in the future?

FWG: We don’t have any clear will to play with on band or another. We just wanna play. No matter with whom!


Where did the idea of Egypt tour come from ,and how ?

FWG: Our drummer’s brother Benjamin is living in Alex for years and he always wanted to see us play in Egypt. So he organized the tour with his friend Omar Herrawi (who became a real good friend of us) and there it went!


Have u enjoyed the Egypt tour? what was the crowd’s reaction to your music?

FWG: It was a wonderful tour. Something we’ll never forget. We met so many great people. The crowd was just incredible. We never played before for so many people! They were perfect.

We were so sad to go back to France.


What are your future plans ,upcoming tours ?

FWG: We’re planning to come back to Egypt to make a bigger tour. We’re planning some tour in Germany, in France and maybe in England.


Were you expecting to find rock,metal scene in Egypt

FWG: Yes. We knew there were many metal bands in Egypt according to Benjamin. We knew they were waiting for us to play here in Egypt so we were not that surprised to see them coming to the gigs. But we were bloody surprised to see how mad and enthusiastic they were! We loved it so much!


In the end would you like to say something for Rock Era Egyptian fans

FWG: Be ready to rock one more time with us in a near future. You are amazing and you made our tour magical. We love you all. See you soon in Egypt!