You’ve got such a unique musical style! Meine Grüße! How did you manage to create your own sound so that when your fans hear it, they’ll know by heart that it’s “Fish And Scale“?

 I didn’t plan anything of this kind. All I do is to express myself and the more I can be authentically myself, the more listeners can feel that.

How long have you been working in the music business? And what was it that drew you in the first place?
I’ve been making music most of my life and ultimately my inner creator drives me to keep going. We all have this power inside of us, a power for creating something, a longing to express ourselves. Sometimes we don’t hear this inner voice, because we are distracted by so much other noise in us. But the voice is always there. Wants to be heard, is longing to be heard. I hear my inner voice more and more clearly and it feels good. I trust that voice more and more.


What is the idea behind your project name, “Fish And Scale?“
It is simply a hint to my zodiac sign. I am a pisces and my ascendant is libra.


Musicians or not, who inspired you to become the genuine artist you are today?

Bob Dylan is undeniably an inspiration to me. I am especially fascinated by his authenticity, which he radiates and reproduces through his songs.


How did you get the spark to write “Rumi Says?”

I can’t really say how it happened. I love Rumi quotes. The song contains my favorite ones from him. There is a deep truth in his quotes, we can’t understand by our minds. The only way to get access is to experience it for yourself. Thevideo to this song is an attempt to go into this experience.

The music video for “Rumi Says” is beyond brilliant! Was the idea there when you started crafting the song, or did it come after finishing it?
I don’t think about the visual presentation of a song while I am in the writing process. And in this case I didn’t think about it at all. Suddenly the idea was there and as I mentioned earlier it is an attempt to get a glimpse of the deep truth of Rumi’s words.

Your latest album, “You Can Call Me Love,” feels like a journey of healing that leaves those who hear it with peaceful sensations and a sense of selfembracing with new meanings in life. Was the process of creating it also peaceful, or did you encounter any difficulties?
It felt like a healing journey for me too. The composing of the songs and the recordings, something came out of me like a relief, it was a magical process. Looking back it seems like I shed an old skin and a new person emerged.

Who’s the vocalist that joined you on the title track “You Can Call Me you Love”? Do you plan any collaboration together soon?
Her name is Julia Fischer and this was the second time we worked together in the studio. She also supported me on the last EP „Songs from the Inner Child“. Julia is a wonderful piano player and soul singer. And yes,I also plan the next album with her 🙂

What plans do you have for gigs and tours?
Because of the current circumstances related to the pandemic I do a lot of so called “sofa concerts”. I play in a small circle in living rooms, winter garden, yoga studios etc. It is a lot of fun, because this little concerts are very intimate and it feels like having a nice evening with friends 🙂

Do you have any new songs in the works right now?
Yes I start writing new songs but without pressure. The songs will come to me as they always do 🙂

We live in a world where it’s easy to become lost in our cluttered lives. What advice would you provide to those who are trying to hang on to their true selves as tightly as possible?
The dilemma is that there is nothing to do to achieve this, but we think we have to do something. We are already here in life. But it seems so hard for us to realize the fact that we are here, here in the present. This is the only thing we have to do to realize that we are here or like some masters say to realize the „I am“. It is that simple. In the „ I am“ lies all, „the whole universe“ as Rumi said.

But this is not understandable for the mind. Our mind wants to do something to get something. So the question is what shall I do to realize the „I am“? “Do nothing” is the simple answer. Do nothing in the sense of : Just let yourself stay in this moment. Don’t get lost in the future or the past, just stay! Without wanting to change anything, without resisting. Everything else will happen by
itself. I know, that’s easy to say but in my experience this is the way.


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