The quarantine times of 2020 (and in some countries 2021 as well) made musicians aware of the online facilities and methods of remote communication they can use to pool their material together. The Members of Fate Will Come had already met online in 2019 when these corona times began, and in 2020 the world saw the release of their first EP entitled “Heavy Heart”. Since the summer of 2019, these guys have written over a hundred songs together and have shared one main drive: The love for nostalgic, old-school, and hard-hitting Rock and Metal. 

In April of 2022, Fate Will Come released their debut full-length, which is self-titled and has a cover artwork that hones the darkness of the 80s-era bands they are channeling. Lead guitarist and producer Matt Kirschner, bassist and keyboardist Michae Joe Deal, and drummer Richard Groce all live in the US, and only lead vocalist/lyricist Renita Zenitel lives in Canada. Check out our interview with these guys below as we dive into the details of how they met, and how they keep making music from different locations.

REVIEW – The Cost by Fate Will Come

  • Welcome to this Interview and thanks for joining us today. In the beginning, I would like to tell you guys how much I like your debut record and how nostalgic it feels. Would you please tell me how and where you guys met?

We met on a musicians social media site called ‘Drooble” it’s kinda like facebook for musicians. Renita lives in Canada and  Matt. Michael and Richard live in different places in the US.

  • The name Fate Will Come is suggestive of strong and, if I may say, violent themes. How did you guys come up with such a name?

Michael – the other guitar, bass player is also a graphic artist thought  that the first idea  that Matt came up with was too big for the logo so it got changed to  Fate Will Come , which is perfect cause that’s how we
met! We write about human struggle, world issues, in love, out of love, yes strong themes but we do not want to promote violence!

  • Tell me about the songs you wrote at the beginning of the band’s formation. How many of them made it to the Heavy Heart EP or the latest album?

We wrote so many songs together, we have lots~   Renita’s desktop is full of files !! There are a lot that have not been released yet! We picked the songs we felt were the strongest for our Ep ‘Heavy Heart’.  The album Fate Will Come contains some of our newer material, 1/5th of our material is on the albums we have lots more !!!!

  • And how would you say this album differs from the EP and your past endeavors in general?

We are not afraid to experiment with different rock sounds with the music thanks to Michael, and Matt’s guitar styles and Matt’s vision in the production.

  • Before the band came into existence, what were each member’s musical projects? Were you guys always into the old-school classic rock and metal tunes that you play now?

Richard the Drummer has his own studio so he works on a lot of side projects  and has been in a lots  of working bands before Fate Will Come, Matt was in a Metal band before Fate Will Come and he is busy writing and doing production with other projects Michael is also a graphic artist so  works on that while adding his
talents to the band Renita is playing as a singles act in Canada , while writing and doing promo for the band, she has been in all different kinds of bands from cover rock bands to blues  to this! while she looks of musicians in Canada to help promote Fate Will Come in Canada. We  all love the 80’s style of hard rock  and old school sound that’s the kind of riffs Matt writes so that is who we are!

  • I can hear a lot of W.A.S.P and Skid Row in your sound. Are any of these intentional or Would you say you have other bands as main influences?

Thanks! The band is influenced by Metallica, Zakk Wylde, Black Sabbath, VH   …. ya you got the idea right)

  • I would like to know what Renita has in mind when writing her lyrics? Are there any specific songs on the new record that tell a special or personal story to her?

Renita loves to write lyrics with strong themes, Matt sends a track to her with a random name attached, she brainstorms and incorporates that word or idea into the lyrics Her favorite tracks on the album are “The Maiden” . That opening riff just grabbed me. It is a song about the experience of dying, and a maiden comes to take you away , an angel. Renita  was inspired by a movie she saw on TV, an old fantasy  movie, there were women in long robes in a cave and that helped her formulate an idea for The Maiden! It is hard to pick a favorite track , Strange Places was written because Renita was inspired by some strange dreams she has had!

  • How do you think modern metal sounds, and modern bands in general, differ from the older bands in how they write songs? And would you say today’s bands have lost that magical traditional touch?

Songwriters are inspired by different things, what they listen to, what they like, the style of the music they write. every songwriter has their own style and influences, Now with one line and satellite radio there are more indie bands then ever  not just the mainstream radio  so there is lots of bands and influences from past and present.  It  is good to experiment and try different things and go out of your comfort zone!,  To say new bands have lost their traditional touch is all subjective as  they all have different influences and writing styles.

  • Do you have any plans after this album? If so, what will the sound be like?

We will be releasing “ForgiveBut Don’t Forget” that was written in 2019 that  is on a Compilation Album  “Race Track  Rock” with some famous music names TBA!  We also plan on releasing the EP Heavy Heart to CD  and we have so many songs that we can easily release another new album! , Renita continues to write with Matt  and has a new metal song Crusaders of Rock in the works ,we will just keep on doing what we are doing and
promoting our material to the world!

  • If there was one artist, living or dead, that you would love to embark on a world tour with, who would it be?

I know Matt Would say  Zakk Wylde or James Hatfield. Renita loves Rob Halford there are so many great artists out there!

  • What are some of your favorite venues to play at? Is there any specific venue you wanna play your album at?

We have never met to play together as Renita is in Canada and plans to go to the US to play. A plan is in the works! We are open to anything as far as gigs go!,  We would also love to play overseas!

  • It’s no secret that your releases have done pretty well on international charts and indie charts. Was there any specific chart that you hit or radio station that you felt shocked to be featured on?

The Uk iTunes Charts

  • Lastly, how can a band like Fate Will Come, in your opinion, protect themselves from peaking too soon or doing the same ideas twice? What advice would you give to smaller artists who are just starting?

We are still evolving as a band and  we will continue to do what we do and keep on writing and see  ..Fate Will Come! Advice to smaller artists, experiment, work hard, develop your own sound, persistence and networking do what you love!

In the end, I would like to thank you guys for your time and patience with us. I look forward to seeing you guys in concert one day and I have a feeling that a great Fate Will Come to you in all your future plans.

REVIEW – The Cost by Fate Will Come