From Sweden, mhailsthe Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band Exogenous. Exogenous remain a highly prolific band since their formation in 2011.

We’ve gathered with Linda, the lead vocalist and members of the band; and we talked about everything from their new EP and the band’s history to bringing a very different show on the road. Here’s what they had to share with us…


First, tell us about the name and what does it mean?
Exogenous means something originating from the outside. All small and big things that happen to us in life affect who we are and how  we feel. The music we write and perform is a reflection of all those happenings, and is therefore a consequence of exogenous events.

Where is the band from?
In Östersund, in the county of Jämtland in Sweden.

How do you guys rehearse?

Usually one to two times a week, and almost always the day before a gig.

Tell us more about your music genre.
Our main genres are melodic metalcore/post-hardcore, but we have influences from other styles as well. Like alternative metal, alternative rock and some progressive metal. We are still trying to figure out the sound that we want to have.

Why did you choose this specific genre?
For me melodic metalcore/post-hardcore music is very emotional and intense. I myself have a lot of strong feelings inside. These genres offer a way for me to really express this, to share my experiences with the world. Also I find it very catchy, with the epic guitar sweeps and such!

What is your main position in the band?
I am the leadsinger and I do clean vocals, and since I am also the founder I am usually in charge of a lot of stuff that goes on around the band. Like member recruiting, doing interviews like this, finding sources for merchant and keeping in touch with various producers and alike. I also write all the lyrics and almost all vocal melodies, and a few whole songs.

Tell us about your albums.
We recorded two demo songs in 2013, and two more in 2014. Those are available on our Facebook page and on ReverbNation. This fall we have been recording a four song EP that we hope to officially release next spring. You ‘ll find it on Spotify and ITunes for instance, that is if you don’t wanna buy the real deal physical EP!

What do you wish to accomplish as a band?
Music is serious business for us, so we aim to the stars. Our goal is to be able to give up our other jobs and fully commit to the band. We really want to get the opportunity to play the big scenes, to spread our music and the feelings and messages within it to the world.

How can people find more about you and your music?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a website of our own yet, but we have a Facebook profile that we are active on. We also have a profile on Reverb Nation and a YouTube channel. After the EP is released you will also be able to find us on Spotify, iTunes etc.


Which band inspires you?
A lot of bands! Some of them are Adept, I Am Abomination, Asking Alexandria, System of a Down, Alesana, Avenged Sevenfold, Escape the Fate, Parkway Drive, In Flames and Arch Enemy.

What else inspires you in life?
Everything that happens in my life inspires me to the lyrics and feelings of the songs.

Is the band signed with a label?
Not yet, but we’re looking for one!

How do you compose your music?
We mostly do it on our own, writing stuff into Guitar Pro – a tablature editor software. Then we show it to the rest of the band to let them have opinions. If necessary we make changes and alterations until everybody is happy with it or at least accepts the song in its full.

What was your first gig like?
Our first gig ever was home in Östersund, as a part of a music contest called Live karusellen. We didn’t get further in the contest, but we had a lot of fun and we learnt a lot from it.


What was the most distant location (abroad) for a gig?
Since we’re a drummer short we haven’t yet had the opportunity to play abroad. Really want to though!

What was the worst gig ever?
That would have been our last gig, haha! The sound was crappy as hell, with audio feedback from the vocal microphones screeching on and off the entire gig etc. It was horrible!

What do you think is the most specific item- apart from your instrument -that you need for a gig?
For me personally it’s definitely water. I need loooots of water before and on stage. And ear plugs! I can’t do a gig without them. Voffe and Johan are both addicted to Coca-Cola, so they won’t go anywhere without at least one bottle each, haha.

What do you consider to be the best audience for you?
Any audience that is engaged in the show! The rest doesn’t really matter.

What is the most memorable moment for the band?
It’s hard to define a precise moment. But the trip we had to Gothenburg for the upcoming EP was definitely memorable. We got to hang out constantly for a longer period of time than we had done before, and got to experience a lot of fun things and moments together. We also bonded quite a lot with each other, and became tighter as a group.

What do you want to say to the metalheads out there?
If you have a vision or something that you really want, you should never give up trying to get it. There will be obstacles in the way and people telling you that you can’t do it, but you shouldn’t listen to them! There is a difference between taking someone’s input to making it help you improve yourself, and letting them decide what you are capable of and not. The only thing or person that will set your limits is you. So keep fighting for your dreams! Other than that, rock on!!!

Thank you Linda of Exogenous for your time and patience to answer these arbitrarily questions.Can’t wait so see you guys at a live show soon!

Interview by: Yassine Siyaf
Edited by: NJ Bakr