Since I checked their debut album “Court of the Tyrant King” and I am amazed by their output and originality. I had a chance to chat with the Swedish metallers Evermore to know more about their music and upcoming plans. Let’s find out!

● First, I salute you for your metal vibes indeed. In the early 2000s, you started as Euphoria, but your current project was established a couple of years ago?

Thanks a lot. Yea that’s right. Evermore started around 2017. Back then it was only me (Johan Karlsson) and Andreas. Later on, we found Johan Haraldsson. He had that voice we were looking for.

● ‘Court of the Tyrant King’ is a great mix of modern melodic metal and old school metal. Is this gonna be your aim for all your releases?

We are big fans of the melodic power metal era that had its peak in the ’90s but we don’t want to tie ourselves into a specific genre. We all have a wide span of influences and we just try to make our music kick ass no matter what type of bands you relate it to. But the main thing is that it’s built around strong melodies.


● I noticed a guest female vocalist in your album. Tell me more about her part and how it served the album’s concept.

Yes, there are two females on the album, Julia and Emilia. We used both of them in our choir arrangement and also Julia as a lead on the title track. We thought that using her as a lead on ‘Court of the Tyrant King’ would add a smooth feeling to the song as well as a great addition to the lyrics.

● Usually, bands prefer to choose modern topics, still, you preferred Joseph Campbell’s 1949 novel. Wasn’t it a risk for the younger generations since everything is trendy nowadays?

Haha, trendy is not our thing. We want to bring back that old school power metal and make people understand that its kick ass. As long as our music is good we don’t care if it´s trendy or not.

● I noticed there’s no official music video until now from the album. Are you planning to release one soon?

Right now we have a lot of things going on. A music video might be something that we´re going to do.


● “It is up to the listener to create the fully fleshed out story from the different steps.” Smart idea indeed to keep it for each listener based on their understanding. Was this planned during the songwriting process?

Though it´s a concept album it´s always great that listeners have their interpretations of the songs. If someone gets the full picture of the album it´s awesome. That’s nothing we think about during the process.

● Finally, tell your fans about your 2021 plans, especially that the live scene isn’t active enough recently.

We have great news to tell our fans. Also, we are almost done with all our demos for the next album. We aim to enter the studio this fall.

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