• What brought you all together to form “Electric High”?
Just the urge to let out our Rock & Roll energy! …with a twist of having 2 front vokalists. And being friends for sooo many years, there was no holding back.


• What are the perks of being a band member rather than a solo artist?
We believe that having 5 different opinions on every song, makes the music sound more like a band. And when a song «gets stuck», there is always a great solution from one of the members.


• Coming from former bands with various colors of music, how did you manage to find your own unique color?
On our first band meeting, we set down trying to figure out what kind of rock and roll universe we wanted to belong in. What bands we´re inspired of and what sound. After a long talk we got it all figured out, and now we are just making songs that will fit in that universe.

REVIEW – Rough Diamond by Electric High 

• What genre would you make if you weren’t doing rock music?
Ha ha!! I believe that would be hard to answer. Our drummer is an highly educated jazz drummer. Olav on the vocals is into far heavier stuff than Electric High. Pv on the vocals is an indie guy. And the guitarist and the bassplayer are all over the place. I don´t know if we could agree on anything besides rock and roll.


• We usually don’t see many bands that have two lead singers; how would you describe your experience?
Two lead singers fits us good! It gives us the opportunity to write songs that could only fit two vocals and not one. Like Rough Diamond. And it´s fun to play around with the harmonies as well.


• If the five of you had to work together in a group that wasn’t made up of musicians, what would you do for a living?
Oh!….I don´t know. I would´nt say Rocket Scientists, … I go for plumbers. Keeping the pipes open!


• How did you manage to make the music in “Rough Diamond” fit the lyrics and vocals perfectly?
We had the song with a la-la-la lyric. And as with Rough Diamond we always discuss what the lyric should contain and what´s the story should be……and I think we managed to make it fit well with the vibe of the music.


• In “Rough Diamond”, did the lyrics or the music come first?
We always make the music first and the lyric after.


• Who wrote the lyrics to “Rough Diamond” lyrics? What was the inspiration behind it?
Pv (vocal) wrote the lyric and Olav (vocal) made all the corrections. We just wanted to tell a story about to gambling rivals, that meets once again for a battle of cards.


• Finally, what are your intentions for the upcoming year?
We’ve got big plans coming up for 2022! Some good live events, many smashing singles that we´ve already recorded…..and finally also a full vinyl album release! Stay tuned!!

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Viola Karmy