You have a distinct music style! How would you describe your music in three words?

I would describe my music with the words instinctive, visceral and powerful.


You’ve been in the music industry since the age of five, do you have musicians in your family?
I’ve been close to music since age 5 thanks to my parents, who are non-musicians but who love music and gave me access to music lessons and to culture in general from an early age. I can’t say that I’ve been in the music industry for that long though, because I didn’t understand anything about it as a kid when I was part of a choir. Adults handled everything and as kids, we just had to learn the music, go to rehearsals and of course show up for the concert ! So I would say I’ve only been in the music industry for a few months.


How did you come up with the name “divine&acajou”?

It kind of came to me. I had to find a name for my project as the group I was singing for, Etat Limite, was about to release their album, and I wanted it to be meaningful. “divine” refers to the power we all have within, especially us women, and the fact that I feel that my songs come from something bigger than myself. “Acajou” refers to the earth, nature, a subject very dear to my heart, and to “mahogany”, a type of wood I love for its color and which relates to strength, warmth and the necessity to stay rooted.


Can you elaborate on the storyline of “Viens” to us?

“Viens” is a calling. It’s about a woman very impatiently waiting for someone who has made a silent vow to her before leaving. She’s willing to wait and she’s waiting, well for a while a least. However, she’s thinks she’s not enough and to counterbalance that, she’s asserting that she should be accepted as she is. In the verses, which were written last as explained below, the woman is making a point. She loves this person and she still wants to be with him.


How did the music for “Viens” come together?

Creating “Viens” has been quite a long process. I wrote the instrumental part in July 2020, in only a few hours, and I was very fond of it. The lyrics “Viens, j’ai pas toute la nuit” actually came to me in a dream. I woke up at 3 a.m. and told myself : “You either get up and record this right now, or take the risk of forgetting everything”. I got up and I’m glad! The song stayed like this for more than a year and eventually, I added the slam verses in October 2021 because something was just missing. 

REVIEW – Viens by divine&acajou 

If you can collaborate with one of your inspirations, who would it be?

It’s hard to choose but at the time, I would go for Arlo Parks, Woodkid or Sufjan Stevens, whose work I admire so much, but truly, there are so many people I would love to collaborate with! I’ve just been to Arlo and Woodkid’s concerts and I’m very grateful to have been able to listen to them live!


Could you tell us more about your upcoming single and EP?
My second single is called “The Edge of my mind”. It is solely written in English and it’s more electro and cinematic than “Viens”. It’s a very intense song too and I can’t wait to share it. The release date will be announced soon.
My EP will be released later this year. It will deal with the same subjects of love, frustration but also despair, sadness as well as hope and pure joy. The EP will be built chronologically and it sure will be a real roller-coaster.


If it weren’t your music career, what would you be doing in life now?
Actually, if it weren’t for my other career, I would be doing music full-time! I would definitely love to be able to live off music!


Do you have any plans to make a music video for “Viens” anytime soon?
Yes, absolutely. I have met with several clip producers and something is on its way! But there’s still a lot of work to do!


Besides the single and EP, what other plans do you have for 2022?

2022 will certainly be busy. I have my job and also a horse to attend to! I’d love to travel this year. I have some plans but I don’t know if the pandemic will allow me to complete them. My priorities for 2022 are taking good care of myself and spend time with the people I love. I would also love to enjoy all the things I love doing: going to the movies, dancing, going to exhibits and concerts, and many things more. I’ve just had the privilege to attend to a representation of Swan Lake choreographed by Angelin Preljocaj, and I must say I’m really grateful to have access to such beauty, and to art in general.

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Viola Karmy


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