Destiny in Chains is one of the few Metalcore bands in Egypt, they started in 2006 and are still rockin’. Let’s find out more.

Why choose Metalcore music although it is not popular here like in the USA for example?

Well because it’s my thing. when I first made my band i actually didn’t care that much about the popular music around here, I also didn’t know that the band would continue till that day. We offer music and different type, if people got into it then it’s ok, if not then there’s someone is, metalcore isn’t the fan base here but it’s around the world specially U.K & U.S.A

Can you tell us about the music competitions you were in?

The band entered battles such as BoO Rock Radio station battle of the bands in 11/2008 and we won the first place after a huge battle and competitions included 12 levels with a huge band we were facing, actually it’s a mainstream one from Ohio ..but our fans out there helped us and of course our friends here, and the special battle after that also was with BOO music, it included the winners of all years and metal camp 2009 but unfortunately we didn’t make it, neither to Warped tour 2008 as well.

I saw some merchandise for the band, can you tell me about it?

Yeah sure, they all have been made with big help from the promoters we’re signed with, like Deathcap Record, and a few other underground promotion labels to spread the word about the band, the stuff they help with is t-shirts – flyers and booking in, from our side we’re printing the shirts soon here so we can use them and sell them in metalblast next show, actually the problem is that we don’t have any pay pal so the whole work must be done from the promoters side, and to keep up with them we have to do the same here, so that’s what we’re doing, fans out there demands our merchandise and here we handle the local, it’s like a small plan to promote the band as much as we can.

What other bands do you like in Egypt and why?

Aha, well there are so many awesome bands in EGYPT, as a short answer without going through many details i like “Scarab – Worm – YPH – Beyond east – Idilmind …and as u can see they are all in different genres and maybe also not my type of music at all!!!!! because i don’t have any problem with any kind of music and of course with any band around Egypt, actually I don’t care about the genre as long as they Understand what they’re doing and that they really dig it and love it and most of all SERIOUS!! These bands are serious and working hard, they just need to be heard more, like many others still unheard yet.

What do you think of the Metal scene and accusations towards metalheads?

That Question is way dangerous to answer, i am just a guy who love to make music and listening to it ..i kind of avoid any Question including our scene specially if it’s around our metalheads!!!
because as i said before, i don’t have any problem with anyone and his/her genre or even their beliefs!! But I’ll answer in general, i Hate the way our scene is going through right now ..that thing that all people know about, doesn’t actually exist, some bands got offended, some great musicians and great minds quite listening and stopped playing because of this curse!! but i don’t where actually our scene gonna take us too, guess nowhere if we kept it unknown, if we keep the talents in shadows till it is dead then there’s no use of trying, You can’t listen to music like metal or hard rock if you’re surrounded with many threats, even if u like to give it the chance you can’t sign a major deal with a big label if you can’t even play gigs and i mean real gigs with many opinions and many people and extreme bands not just your friends coming to show the support and others who comes just to have fun offending the bands and many many things, anyway, you can’t blame anything or anyone specifically

Are you guys planning to hit Europe and USA?

Sure, actually we’ve got the chance before to play Italy and U.K, SupVision are one of our closest friends and we thank them a lot for spreading the word and helping us, but anyway, the main problem is always the money, the legal papers, these stuff is holding up many things, we missed some great chances, I can’t even forgive myself about it, not something i could have done but i still hate the feeling that we’re stuck!!!!

Why make a remix for Resident Evil and what did people think about it?

Resident Evil is the weirdest track we have done, it’s just an idea i came up with long time ago before even starting to work seriously on our EP, the idea came to me when i was listening to the track and i imagining it mixed with vox , so i Recorded it, i consider it an Industrial track!! Resident Evil got the total blessed of many people here and out there specially out there with the high rates we’ve got when we gave it to the promoters, although it’s not our genre and it’s just a remix cover but it did fine, it really helped the band to get more known and i still love it myself.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re just planing and working to have great gigs because we’re way unhappy being away from the stage, the only thing that’s left is MetalBlast, and i wish all the best for the new scene!!
And we need to finish the full Album, and this is still the hardest step till now!

Give us a brief summary about the band, current and former members, how the band started, when and where?

The band started in 2006 in Cairo, we had of course the problem that all bands faces in the beginning when you’re looking for serious and talented members and most important to have the same way of thinking that you have, we had some problems with members coming and going till we made it full, in the beginning the band had 2 European members and actually they are one of the main reasons to make the band a metalcore band. with thier ideas and the way of thinking they had

current members are : ZanderPeterKilany Meniemgallant

former are : Paul A.Demuis .

Hany: nice name for the band, is there any hidden meaning behind it?

D.I.C: What people don’t know is that we wanted to change the name after few months from forming the band to AS I FALL!! but we couldn’t because we thought it`ll be hard promoting the new name, so we kept the name, it came by luck and the hidden meaning behind Destiny in Chains is picturing our Destiny controlling us by chains, leading us like puppets, funny but true!

What are your lyrical themes and is it based on inner, social struggles facing the band members?

D.I.C: our themes going with days in our life – relationships – fantasy – Anger !

And yeah it’s based on very personal social struggle facing me personally, specially in Demonized, with the first Singles in our first EP.

Have you guys signed to any major label yet?

D.I.C: No major labels yet but we’re trying to !

Tell me about your demos and E.Ps?

D.I.C: we released for the first time the singles in 2007, bleeding for you and resident evil, then we RE-recorded some of them again like bleeding for you and added DemoniZed that was the name of the first EP by the end of 2007 / 2008, and the other one by the end of 2008 / 2009

How many concerts, tours did you guys perform and what are the highlights of these concerts or tours?

D.I.C: The Bahrain’s Rage to The Extreme concert with bands from the Middle East, that’s it, and as for the highlights, receiving offers to perform in different places, even if it’s locally but still gives an awesome feeling and feedback.

Can you tell me names of bands you guys played with and in your opinion what are the best punk bands now in addition to influences on your music?

D.I.C: We had the chance to play with YPH, Faking It, and for other bands out there like Firecell BoTd.

Is there any release date for an album, and is there any official video for the band yet?

D.I.C: no official video yet ..and the last release was “i have waited my whole life EP 2008 / 2009” ..but later this month we’re about to record new Demos for opinions and a few Cover singles for bands such as BFMV ..ATYRU ..and more ..and in our official myspace there are 2 new demo track, still unfinished yet, just for taking opinions and hope we can record them soon .

Which bands you wish to play with in the future?

D.I.C: so many to go with ..lets say (AS I LAY DYING – BFMV – TRIVIUM – ALL THAT REMAINS – PARKWAY DRIVE – AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK).. the list goes on .

What are your upcoming tours and concerts?

D.I.C: We’re working on getting booked again and we’re trying to go for it outside one more time..but right now we’re working on our upcoming show in metal blast, soon, ..and sakia !!!! specially metal blast the show that we promise all of you that it`ll be so sick and we’re gonna get your heads lay down on your chest, WE ASSURE YOU !!!!!!


Do you see that your band can be a global one?

D.I.C: who knows, maybe, i don’t know actually, i just do what i can do best and the rest is left to god first and our scene second !!!

Did you guys do any interviews with an international music magazines before?

D.I.C: Yeah, lots, one of them is a very popular one called Carange Magazine from Germany.

Do you think Metalcore will be popular here in Egypt someday?

D.I.C: it’s on the way to get known, can’t tell it’s popular yet unfortunately!!

What would you like to say to your fans out there?

D.I.C: Help us and help your scene, don’t lose your hope and support each band because they are all what you got currently, so be with us all !!