Founded in 1999, Egyptian Blackened Death Metal Band Crescent fulfilled several international achievements such as performing in Fall of Summer Festival in France, headlined a number of performances in Ukraine, signed with one of the most prestigious French labels Listenable Records and released its new album “”Order of Amenti”” which received positive reviews globally.

How did the idea of forming a band occur to you?
Was a wish since we were kids in high school, Watched bands back in 1993 when we were so young and were fascinated by the intensity of metal music live shows. So in 99 we formed Crescent but it was under a different name back then.

What was the reason for choosing this name “Crescent”?
It signifies where we come from, amongst the Arabic speaking nations. We had it on our old flags and it even goes back to our ancestors where crescent shaped crowns were worn by different ancient Egyptian gods so basically it shows part of our identity.

What was your biggest challenge?
Finding suitable musicians to fit the role. It doesn’t only come down to being a good musician, it has a lot to do with your character, dedication, time management and willing to prioritize things in your life.

Explain to us the lyrical theme of the band?
The theme lately inclined towards ancient Egyptian history obviously from the songs titles and the cover artwork. We tackle different subjects depending on what we feel and how we reflect on what surrounds us. It can be ambiguous and it can be a very direct message. In some songs it can also be metaphorical; we like to leave the reader to interpret what we say in their own way.

What is the hardest memory you have about you first concert?
None. It went perfectly fine as far as we could remember. We blasted 3 of our early songs and covered Mayhem’s ‘Pagan Fears’.
Tell us the story behind “Pyramids Slave” album.
Took us two and half years of work, we were actually taking it easy. The musical and lyrical milestones of the songs started to shape up until we reached a point where we were satisfied with its final form.
We hit the Studio (Hold Fast Recordings) by Alan Hurley and the recording sessions went extremely smooth. It was amazing working with Alan and we were really fortunate recording our album with him. Simultaneously Akram Fadl one of the most prominent Fine Artists in Egypt honored us with painting the art work which is basically a one meter square oil painting.

How do you see the Egyptian scene nowadays?
Growing indeed. There is a big potential in Egypt’s small scene and it can get bigger for sure, also having an annual event like Metal Blast is an important pillar. We really appreciate how those guys are doing their best to take the scene a step higher with their efforts and hard work. As for the bands they actually got to support each other genuinely to be able to grow bigger and stronger.

Have you got any influence from Egyptian bands?
We were inspired in the 90’s by Osiris. The first Egyptian Melodic Black Metal band that had a record in 1997. They are our friends and the generation that was right before us. They definitely inspired us at that time although our music style is vastly different. The inspiration was more in the sense of having a band, creating your own music and of course incorporating Egyptian themed melodies into your music.

Why did you shift from Black Metal to Blackened Death, and what makes Crescent a special band among Death Metal bands in Egypt?
Expecting a band to sound the same in every record isn’t a very healthy sign of the musician’s maturity. If our sound changed in a good direction then that’s what basically matters.

Why do you think fans compare Crescent to Behemoth?
Maybe because of our hyper fast blast beats and probably some similar Black Metal essence in our riffing. The comparison is certainly a big compliment to us but we always seek our own way to have our own sound.


Tell the readers more facts about your tour in Europe. How did you plan this?
You need to be all ready for something like that. We worked with Flaming Arts Agency and they booked us on the Metal Apocalypse Euro tour opening up for Hirax and of course sharing the stage with Bonded by blood and Nuclear. Touring is an essential experience for any band that considers themselves “serious” and I’m not talking about showing up in one or two shows in 2 countries or so. I’m talking about driving 6000KM yourself in 10 consequent days, on being able to give 100 percent on stage every day, to be sleep deprived in some days and being cooperative with everybody on the tour. It adds a lot to you when you experience different crowds from different countries. It was an amazing experience and we were blessed by having the other bands on this tour, we were literally one big family and their support meant a lot to us. Wonderful people and wonderful positive vibe they gave us. We have had the support also from a very dear friend of mine that without her it would have been very challenging.

What was the feedback you guys received from other bands in Wacken, as you were the first Egyptian band to join this battle?
Positive feedback and big support. Some already knew us from all online mediums and we were pleased how they were actually into what we do!! It felt like an accomplishment on its own. All of the bands that we bumped into were very friendly and easy going people. Felt like we were in the right place since day one.

How did you guys feel representing Egypt in Wacken?
Responsible to deliver our uttermost best show and manifest to the international audience coming from all parts of the world what we are and who we are. 

What is the upcoming stop in Crescent’s career? New albums?
More concerts and gigs and yes of course we have been working on our new material already.

What piece of advice you would like to give to the upcoming generation of musicians?
Originality is a must.

Keep the Metal flame burning!
Thank you for the interview

Edited By: Nehal Ali