You speak of women’s empowerment, determination, and courage in your songs. Where are you now with that stuff?

I still feel that woman are very strong and we should never allow ourselves to be looked over. We have a lot of potentials, and we are hard working. Be confident in what you do because you are amazing.


With your songs embracing change and rebirth, how did that figure into “Rise Up” and “Femme Fatale”?

The sound is very different from my Debut album “Humanity” because I am constantly evolving and improving. I also think my latest songs are very honest and open, and writing my truth and following my dream of being a musician has just brought me to the next level of myself.

How do you think music has helped encourage a culture of women empowerment?

I think music always connects people and the lyrics always speak louder. We listen and relate and through the confidence and truth an artist has shown, woman feel that they can be more themselves and also speak up for themselves. Artists are in a position to influence their fans and community and when that is a positive influence it makes the world a better place.


What is the challenge of creating music during times of isolation and a world that is shifting due to the pandemic?

It difficult to connect with people and I think this isolation has had a huge effect on people’s mental health. For me as a person I feel very stuck and as an artist not able to perform it’s very difficult to share my music.


Your cover art and music video use red as a symbol for the feminine mystique, how did that idea come to fruition?

I have always been drawn to the color red, its just a representation of power for me, and it also represents love, anger and passion. These are strong emotions that everyone deals with, and I wanted it to be a staple in my artwork and music.

Your songs bring rock, jazz, and even classical music to create the perfect sound. Do you think great music comes from obliterating the concept of one genre per song?

When I create music, I just want to be free to express myself and I don’t really fit into one box. So, I make a new box.


You mentioned that the whisper and doubling effect in “Femme Fatale” transport the listener and arouse their senses, how did you create that?

I took a lot of inspiration from Billie Eilish’s music and when talking to the sound engineer, we created something that was unique to my concept and voice.


What are your next steps both on the scale of touring and live gigs?

I am organizing live gigs at the moment focusing on the UK, Netherlands and South Africa. We will see what this year brings, but I definitely want to be singing more live.

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Jaylan Salah