Since the conception of Rock music, every band has tried to bring a unique and characteristic element to themselves. This task has been easier for some than others, but there are always life events and global disasters that act as an anti-catalyst to the band succeeding in the said task. Lead singer and songwriter of the project Blue of Colors, Mr. Steve Soboslai was generous enough to give us some of his time and discuss his project’s first release after 10 years: the album “Long Time Coming”. Here is our chat with Mr. Soboslai.

  • First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the birth of your child, which coincided with this album’s production and release- another cause for celebration.

Hey thank you. Holler if you want to babysit.


  • How did it feel to be making a record while in post-pandemic times and with your busy personal life?

Forced hibernation was fruitful. I like having the time to refine my songwritings.

  • The album’s artwork is amazing but also surrealistic. Could you tell me the inspiration behind it and who made it?

Charlie Brand who produced most of the record made the art. Not only is he an audial artist, he’s a visual creator as well!

  • Let’s talk about the featured musicians and artists here. Who did you collaborate with and why did you specifically pick them over anyone else?

Charlie sings a bunch of backup and I have about half of the band String Machine on the record somewhere. They are a cool indie rock band, also from Pittsburgh. Paul, the old guitarist for my band, sang some backup vocals.

  • From the album’s eight songs, do you happen to have a favorite? If so, can you tell us which one it is?

They are all my children. Right now it’s the opening track – Changing of The Season. When I had that idea for a song, basically the whole song spilled out in real time as I blabbed it into my voice memo recorder.

  • Almost all of the tracks seem to have a positive overtone that overlies some repressed melancholy. Can you tell me the inspiration behind this approach?

I believe you just described my personality, which would make sense.

  • If you could take some time off your family and personal duties and tour the world with this record, are there any specific venues you would like to perform at?

I would love to play these songs anywhere with a good sound system. Eventually there will be a band and shows will be a thing.

  • In this day and age when albums are no longer selling physical copies like in the past, how does a musician, from your point of view, make a livelihood?

The one with the best songs and hustle still wins in my opinion. While the area is certainly flooded, time will tell whose creamy songs will rise to the top.

  • If there was a single artist, living or dead, that you would like to collaborate with, who would it be?

Julian Casablancas

Album Review: Long Time Coming by Blue Of Colors