We had a pleasure chatting with Bill Abernathy. Let’s find out more about his journey and upcoming plans below. 

  • Hi Bill!  Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about your illustrious career.  You’ve been writing and recording music rather prolifically over the past 5 years.  Why do you feel that the music has been flowing even more so than say, 10 years ago?

Hello! I appreciate your interest in my career. While I’ve certainly been heavily involved in music over the past 5 -10 years, I wouldn’t describe my songwriting as prolific. My creative process tends to come in bursts, with long periods of idea gathering and research before I delve into the actual songwriting. Finding inspiration for good songs can be quite challenging. There’s a wealth of potential subjects in the world, from politics and society to matters of the heart, but pinpointing the topics that truly inspire me can be more difficult than it might seem.

With my latest work, “MORE,” I’ve explored a range of subjects. This includes introspective pieces like “Hideaway” and “MORE,” as well as songs that touch on societal issues like “It is what it is” and “Save Your Drama for Your Momma.” Of course, I’ve also had some fun with a track called “The 70’s Were a Little Hard on Me.”

The songwriting process hasn’t changed significantly over the past 10 years. The main difference I’ve noticed is that I’ve become more adept at expressing my thoughts effectively and translating them into music. My ability to articulate my ideas and bring them to life through music has improved over time.

  • You live in Kansas City.  Are you a big Chiefs fan?  If so, who’s your favorite player?

I absolutely love football, and as a proud Kansas City resident, I have a deep appreciation for our football culture. Watching the Chiefs’ dynasty develop right before my eyes has been an incredible experience, and I hope others recognize its significance too.

Now, when it comes to my favorite player, it’s hard not to be in awe of Patrick Mahomes. He’s a once-in-a-generation talent and watching him play is an absolute joy. The chemistry he shares with Travis Kelce is something special and adds an exciting dynamic to the games.

However, what truly captivates me about football is the strategic aspect. It’s all about Head Coach Andy Reid for me. Observing how Andy crafts game plans, executes them, and makes on-the-fly adjustments during each game is like watching a live chess match with real players. That level of strategy and adaptation in the midst of the game is what makes football so endlessly fascinating to me.

  • What was it like recording your latest album, “More?”

It was quite an interesting experience for me, I must say. I found myself in a new studio, working with an engineer and producers who were unfamiliar faces, and collaborating with a group of studio musicians who were also new to me. What made this project truly fascinating was how swiftly and harmoniously we all synced up, resulting in the creation of a genuinely cool record.

I have a deep appreciation for working with a team that not only knows how to play the right notes but also comprehends the underlying reasons WHY and HOW those notes need to be played. To me, it’s of paramount importance that every musical element in a song is carefully tailored to enhance the lyrical content. Fortunately, this group of collaborators fully embraced that concept and brought some excellent ideas to help achieve that synergy.

As for whether we succeeded in our mission, well, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Ultimately, it’s the listeners who get to decide, so please, tell me what you think of the final result!

  • Any favorite tracks on the album?  Why?


My songs are kind of like by kids and my guitars, I don’t really have favorites. They are all my babies. Ha-ha

The title cut “MORE” is a special song for me on several levels. As you may know, I have a few guitars. (understatement). I had been looking for a specific guitar for 30 some odd years. I finally found it. A 2001 Martin D-41DF. This guitar is the signature Dan Fogelberg model. There were only 141 of them produced in 2001, and I am fortunate to have #88. To say I am proud of it, would be a true understatement. 

Being that it’s the Dan Fogelberg signature model, I wanted to write and record something using that guitar that really reflected his guitar playing style, and in particular his early acoustic stylings. “MORE” became that song. Somewhat of a love song, but more of a searching for love song. Somewhat like Dan’s song, “Looking for a Lady.”

Though not a necessarily complex musical song, “MORE” is really an inward journey for me lyrically. I think sometimes it’s really easy to get complacent in life and in particular in our personal relationships. Sometimes we get into the “good enough” mode and stop challenging ourselves to search and work for more. 

“I can’t help but wonder if there can be

More than just friends

More than just lovers

More than just moments we share with each other

More than a smile

More than a touch

More than just illusion

Of what we call love”.

Can there be more? Can a relationship be like the whole Disney / Hallmark thing one sees in movies and reads about in books? Is there such a thing as a soulmate? “I can’t help but wonder if there could be More”.

  • Tell us about your love of all things Sci-Fi/Nerd Culture?

You had to go there huh? LOL. I love science fiction. I see the great writers in the Sci-Fi world as more prophets than fiction writers in many cases. Orwell, Azimov, Bradley, Clarke, Wells, Rand…  These folks had a vision for our world that is fascinating to read, understand, and compare to today’s society and political structures. I actually have a shirt that simply says, “Let’s make Orwell fiction again”. Fantastic! My song “It is what it is till it’s not” may just have a few Orwell references regarding free speech and cancel culture. See if you can pick them out. I really didn’t hide them from you. Lol

The Nerd thing? Interesting you bring that up. On my to do list is to set up what I call “The Ultimate Dork Christmas Tree”. This thing is a beast, taking about 10-12 hours to set up, with over 150 Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments. They play full movie scenes when activated and yes, their real and their spectacular. My tree topper is the Death Star that shoots laser beams and plays music from the movies, and my tree skirt shows live action light saber battles. Imagine what is in between. Lol. I love it.

  • How has your success as a singer songwriter compared to your life in the corporate world?

Simply said, my corporate success is what I did, my music world is who I am. I was fortunate to have an interesting and challenging corporate gig for 43 years. Got to travel all over the world, meet very interesting people, and do things that many will never have the chance to experience. I really liked the creative problem-solving elements of that world. 

Songwriting on the other hand is a different thing altogether. Using creativity to share my internal thoughts and emotions is something really special to me. Crafting a song that reflects my thoughts, opinions and desires both lyrically and musically gives me a feeling of achievement the corporate world could never touch. Have I mentioned it? Retirement is the best thing ever!

  • You’re on the record as being a big Dan Fogelberg fan.  What was it about him and his music that inspired you so much?

It’s no mystery that Dan’s music is a big part of my life and has been since I heard the first notes played on “To the Morning” from his Home Free album released in 1972. He documented his life, at least the parts he wanted to share, through his music. Every album gives the listener a chance to look into where he was both emotionally and musically and the opportunity to share in those emotions. Having that talent and ability to change the styling and genres of your music to reflect feelings in each song is something that he did so well and is just so special. Some people write biographies to document their lives. Dan wrote albums themed in such a way to show his fans what he was experiencing though his life journey. Such a special talent taken from us way to early. 

Interesting note about the title cut “MORE”. If you listen to the intro and outro musical passages, you will hear a chord that is also Dan’s intro chord for his first song “To the Morning” and the outro chord from his last song “Birds”. Dan started his musical journey with that chord and ended it with that chord. Since he had such a musical impact on me, I thought it only fitting to show tribute to him, his life, and his music, by using that chord as the intro and outro to “MORE”. My way of saying thank you to him for all he has given me over time.

  • What’s next on the horizon for you?

Great question! With the release of “MORE” this year, and the success of our first single “Hideaway”, I look forward to sharing this music with fans all over the world. Does that include touring? We shall see. One thing you can count on is I will continue this journey wherever it takes me. “I can’t help but wonder, if there could be MORE”.

  • Thanks again!  We can’t wait to see what’s next!
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