Today is not like every day, we talk to an artist who is not your everyday artist (duh!)…

We had the chance to talk to Bc Roadz, a very unique artist with a very unique musical approach that we will get to know more about through our little chat with him…

Q1) First things first….how did “Bc Roadz” come into the “musical” life? And tell us more about your(real)self!

BC came about at a time that I was fairly uncertain. I knew I wanted to take a stab at being a musical artist. I just really didn’t know how I was going to get there. My first EP was kind of a synopsis of the uncertainty.

Q2) I gotta ask…how did you manage to come up with that approach to music?

I never liked stupid rules. Classifying yourself as an artist or choosing a genre is a “stupid rule.” Great artists blur all the conventional lines. I can be both a rapper and a country blues artist.

Q3) I have listened to your new song “Comfort Blues” and I have an interpretation of what it means, but, getting it from the artist himself is something else! Can you tell us what it is about?

Simply put: drugs or travel aren’t the answer. They may temporarily make life easier but no one can escape the fate of the blues. It’s also just me jibber-jabbering musings about my own journey.

Q4) Listening to your work, it looks like you’re not just a musician, songwriter or musical artist, what else do you do?

I mean, I’m an absurdist. Writing or creating music, it’s just a medium. I’m comedic both intentionally and unintentionally. The joke is that life is simultaneously funny and tragic.

Q5) Growing up, who’s your musical idols?

This song is sonically Mississippi Fred McDowell, John Lee Hooker, and Jack White. I also try to “channel” Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters, as well as Johnny Cash. Townes Van Zandt is another huge influence. As far as growing up, I’ll let you know if I ever get there.

Q6) Why don’t you let us in a bit more and take us through a guided tour of your creative process?

I just start playing the main riff. Then the words just come. Everything else is just an accessory to the rhythm. Comfort Blues was sampled from a song I’ve been playing to myself for years. All songs have mathematically many places to go.

Q7) How long does it usually take you to take a song from just an idea to a fully-fledged, mixed, and mastered song?

Well, I tend to work in bunches. Overall, I could take a song from writing to finishing in a day. I usually write many songs at once and choose the best of those songs to move forward in the process. I demo them and analyze them. They’re ready when I’m about to go crazy. I like raw mixes because I’ve never been able to do anything differently. If they’re loud enough, they’re ready to be heard. That’s the way I look at it.

Q8) Did you perform live before? Tell us about that experience!

BC has been struggling to find live gigs. I need a DJ and/or a live band. My day will come. I’m ready.

Q9) I think the readers would be interested to hear more about the “robot guru”, Doso Rubato, can you tell us how that came about?

Every good protagonist or antagonist needs a sidekick. Who of us could possibly fight these blues alone? Doso is the timeless, faceless, non-judging presence that I need. Doso is the explanation of how quickly my musical arch is unfolding. Doso is the part of me that’s forever decent. I need Doso because humans are indecent.

Q10) Do you have any new singles or an album that you’re working on?

Well, it’s funny you ask. Something artistically shocking is coming very soon. Let’s just say that every epic has valleys of darkness. Comfort Blues is fun. My next EP is going to be intense.

Q11) If you were to give an elevator pitch about “Bc Roadz”, what would you say? GO!

I’m one of the most interesting and unique sonic artists today. If I’m never recognized or if you never listen, the former statement could still be true. Hopefully, you choose to have an opinion by listening for yourself.

Bc Roadz, we had a blast getting to know you more, we wish you all the best and will be actively looking for your new stuff!

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