You seldom find a band that just had their first show and aced it! That’s just the case with the Iranian band Arrivl. Few weeks ago, Arrivl, had our jaws dropped from their performance, not believing it’s their first time on stage, and they owned it! They aren’t the usual metal dudes you’d encounter; they are extremely nice and down to earth!

We met with the members and had a friendly chitchat with them.

For starters, tell us what does Arrivl mean? What does it represent?

It’s inspirational. How we got inspired from a lot of people and a lot of things as well as the experience we went through and getting through tough time, hope the same for our fans, and that they would get inspired from our songs.

How does a Death Metal band work in Iran, ‘cause we know it’s a little bit of a touchy subject?

Actually, it was a little bit of a tough situation for all of us, and anyone who plays any Metal genre. We’re doing our best in the underground scene and working hard just because we love it and love Metal music, and we have a target and a purpose. And we want to inspire people.

And how did you guys meet?
First, Vahid introduced me –Fazel- to Milad. We were talking about music and what we want to do about it, then Andre joined and finally Hamed, the vocalist.

Did the line up ever change, or you were the same since you started?
We started in 2009. We didn’t change a lot; we had a different vocalist and a previous lead guitarist. The current line up:
Hamed, and Fazel on guitars
Fazel, and Andre are new members, Vahid and Milad are the ones who started the band.

Tell us about your lyrical themes and sound approaches.
Destruction, being rebellious, and some sort of inner darkness. Musically, we’re almost experimenting with what sounds nice to hear, however we go for more of a technical approach to get into the root of Black and Death Metal with a hint of modern touch.

You guys are touring the Middle East, tell us more about it. And are you thinking of touring Europe anytime soon?
Actually, this is our first gig “Metal Eastern Night Vol. 2”, and we are really looking forward for it. We want people to listen and enjoy our music, and as I previously mentioned, we aim to inspire people. We’re trying really hard to go there! Before playing our concert here in Dubai, we had chitchats to tour with some bands in Europe but nothing is definite. But yes, it’s a main target for us. We want to expand our fanbase here first then head out there!

What about next year? Have you decided your plans for next year yet?
Of course. After a few gigs here, we are going to settle to start recording our next album. We don’t have a definite Record Label yet, but we are working on it. As well as hoping to work with a famous music producers.

Since when did you guys started playing music? And is this something you’ve wanted to do and preform professionally?
The mastermind of the band is Milad. He writes the songs, he manages the band, and it’s best if he answered the question. I’m very passionate about it. I’ve always wanted to have a band, deliver good music and tour around. All of us are just lucky to be here.

What are the bands that inspired you? Main inspiration.
Different bands and so many different genres inspire all of us. We are really different, and although we all play the exact same thing and in the same band and we really enjoy and love what we do. We come from different musical backgrounds. We range from Post-Rock, Glam Metal, and Melodic Symphonic Metal, all the way up to Black Metal.

And if you guys would advice younger bands who just started, what would you tell them?
Take it personally! And do whatever you want and whatever you love. Listen to your heart and put it as a main target and enjoy it. Don’t start with something that you want to do for the money or fame, start with what’s inside you.

How many albums do you have out?
We have one full-length album As the Eternal Winter, it contains 8 songs and we are going to play some of them in Metal Eastern Nigth Vol. 3. For our next album, we are still planning it.

Tell us about the artwork of the album?
The artwork is basically explaining the album title, just as someone who was lost in a dark, cold situation. Our designer, Ihsan, designed it.


What sort of obstacles did you face forming this band?

We basically live in a country where all sort of music is banned, man! You can do nothing! You can’t express your feelings with music or art or any kind of artistic performance. It’s a restricted area. And about being a Metal band, we are usually associated with Anti-Christ and Satanist. As well as finding a proper place to practice, and this is why we are playing here. The government would never let us play. Dubai is just awesome because it embraces different kind of music and all these Metal gigs.

Are you excited for the show tomorrow?
Of course!

How does it feel playing for the first time, mind there will be a lot of people there!
It’s pretty much hard! It’s our first time on stage and we don’t know what to expect. We practiced a lot and a lot of rehearse. It was difficult but we did it anyways! We just want to share our music and style tomorrow night and I know we can do it.

What is a band you’d like to share the stage with?
Our favorite bands! Dream Theater, Rush, Behemoth, Moonspell, Mayhem, Emperor and many more, hopefully Norwegian Metal bands!

Would you consider playing in Egypt one day?
We definitely would like to play in Egypt; we would love to share stage with Scarab!

When do you expect to reach big festivals? Let’s say Wacken, for example?
It will be probably hard! But we can do it. But we need more experience, exposure, and more audience. It’s the biggest Metal festival in the world; it’s already difficult for anyone to reach! However, it’s not unreachable, I believe we can do it. Just like any other bands who perform theirs now! One day we will go there, but there are a few stops first.

We even got together with them after the gig to know how they felt after their first on stage. So guys, tell us how you feel?!
Andre: I feel absolutely amazing.
Fazel: I feel great, and my hands are still shaking.

Interviewed by: Jimmy Bakr and Mustafa Knoxville.
Written by: NJ Bakr

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