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An incredible soft skilled artist from Berlin “Angela Chambers” that created a collaboration with “Casper Clausen” in their new release of this song “Jumping The Gun” that will get you through a different dimension, for those who love melodious and deep vocals this song is the one for you to listen whenever you wish to work in a cozy rainy days.
We’re here today to interview this creative artist that astonished us with her abilities that is
shown to us in her new release.
– Can you tell us about your journey to start your music career? And when were you aware of this talent you have of singing and making your own music?
What first got me into music? Well..I would have to say it was the first moments as a child at age 4, and I was introduced to my Dad’s Vinyl Collection. Any time my parents would put on a song, I would be sitting and bobbing my head to the music. In the baby videos, it looked like I was headbanging at an early age because I would literally bob my head down to the floor, following the beat of the song. So I would say, Music has been in my blood from an early age.
– You have an ability to write songs amazingly, what is your inspiration while writing them?
The words flow creatively like poetry through my mind. I usually start by writing a simple
guitar sketch first, and then try to weave the lyrics and melodies somehow around the
music. It is one of my favorite processes of songwriting. The fact that I can finally be so
free, and no one can take that away from me.
– Tell us more of your song “Jumping The Gun,” Is there a backstory of this song you’d like to share with us?
“Jumping The Gun” is a story about false starts. When you are ready to go, but the world
says no. Everything becomes all about timing. Casper and I wrote it together as a
beautifully cinematic one-take piece. Here are some of our fav quotes about the song.
“The song creates the feeling of a false start from the beginning, like a racehorse “Jumping The Gun” unable to start and shifting frantically.

The essence of being overly passionate until you are willing to lose everything. It
keeps digging deeper to uncover the surface, revealing what is “real”. Time
keeps running even when you think it has stopped, and at that moment your mind replays the slow motion. And who is to say, this is how things should go or how they should be?” “Who thought it so?” ~Angela Chambers “Like I see it, like dreams or hope, not necessarily tight with reality, but beautifully free in the moment, you “Jump The Gun”, like gambling or
something, and in that sense, maybe a bit foolish, but yea, there’s a beauty to that as well” ~ Casper Clausen
– I heard your previous songs that seem different from your most recent one that sounds more of electro beats, Which genre the melodies you wish to continue making your releases in?
Over the last years, I have been experimenting in different genres to find my authentic
voice as an artist. I have been involved in a various band projects and collaborations,
which have also taught me many things and have helped me to improve myself as a
singer/songwriter. I feel deeply connected to this direction in which “Jumping The Gun”
was produced and I plan to finish writing my solo album in this similar vein.
What is the utmost experience you’ve encountered while recording the video for
“Jumping The Gun?”
I would say the greatest experience while filming the video “Jumping The Gun” was
when we shot with the drone camera. We decided to shoot the video in Lanzarote,
because of the beautiful volcanic rocks and landscapes. It was pretty cool to have the
drone following me along while I was driving in the car and also running to the cliffs of
the island. Axl Jansen was the director and he did a fantastic job along with the rest of
the team.
– Can you tell us your experience with collaborating with “Casper Clausen”? Will you collaborate with Casper in your future releases?
I had met Casper Clausen in Berlin, and he invited me to his studio at the White Lake in Berlin. We had an instant musical chemistry and “Jumping The Gun” was a sort of beautiful one-take, with me on piano and Casper on guitar, and vocals that turned into a bitter-sweet melody. We had a few other songs that we collaborated on together, and those might surface in some upcoming releases as well.
– What are your future plans with your music career?
As for the future, if that is even possible to plan anymore?.. lol. I will be releasing some more singles this year under Angela Chambers, and I will finish writing my solo album this winter. I am releasing a 2nd album with my band Waking Dreams in the Winter, along with some singles in the fall before the album coming out on Apollon Records. I have another Berlin band project – Surrealia, which I have another album in the pipeline. I plan on working on these releases plus hopefully playing more shows and touring etc. Oh yea, I would like to write a book as well!
– Which is the most favorite live show you’ve performed in that you can’t forget about?
I would say one of my favorite shows of all time would be the show I just performed in
July with my new band Surrealia. It had been two years since I was on a stage, due to
Corona Venue Closures and I had started to feel that I wasn’t capable of performing live
anymore after so long. However the show turned out to be one of the best ones yet, and I
surprise myself all the time.
– Will there be an upcoming album you’re planning to release soon?
I am currently working on writing and recording my solo album. I will be busy all winter
doing that, and looking forward to what’s next with touring and playing shows etc.


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