It’s only thanks to bands like Anarchy that an ‘actual’ renovation of Metal music in Egypt is now happening.

Persistence and real passion for music were all it took these pharaohs to finally be able to make it out there – we’re talking international tours and record deals among some other well-calculated steps Anarchy are steadily taking toward a serious musical career. The critically-acclaimed five-member Progressive outfit founded in Cairo back in 2008 released their debut album Scriptorium last year and has been relentlessly carving their way out of the prosaics ever since. Rock Era Magazine decided to cut the corners on Anarchy’s journey of success and thoughts about the present-day music industry; here’s what they said:

blankWhat’s the reason behind the choice of name Anarchy?
We like to think that we create Anarchy within our music composition. Being a Progressive band, we love to get out the basics and always look for something new to enrich our listener experience by giving him something different.


Your lyrics portray exotic tales of ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures. Who is the lyric writer? And what is it that lures you in writing about such topics on your songs?
Ancient cultures and mythologies are full of wisdom and amazing tales to tell and this was our choice for our first album Scriptorium. As for the lyrics writing, Adham wrote them himself after studying Egyptian and Greek mythology for 3 month in order to get the facts straight on 12 Gates and Pandora. But our next album will be far away from history and mythology.

blankLast year you toured South Africa within three weeks time, and it seemed it had been quite a success. How was
the venture from a band’s perspective?

– Well, it was amazing 3 weeks we spent there where we played 7 shows all around the country side by side with our dear South African brothers Maximum Carnage and we call them “brothers” because that is exactly how these guys made us feel as part of their family. Of course the scenery all through the tour was mind-blowing, the fans and all bands joining us through the tour had been very supportive. We can’t wait to tour this magical country and meet all the friends we made there again.


What was the most common feedback you received from the audience when on tours?
All the feedback that we got after each show was very positive and some was really overwhelming but the one we always enjoyed hearing was “Your music is different” and that truly inspired us and put a wide smile on our faces.


blankWhat were the funniest/most awkward moments of 2013 for Anarchy?
We have our moments in Ganoub studio as it’s where we jam and also recorded our first album, but there’s one moment in particular that we can never forget about: a conversation between Hazem and Amr Hefny. Hazem was supposed to record a bassline that day and he showed up unprepared.

Hefny being the sound engineer asks “Are you ready to record, Hazem?”
Hazem: “Yes”
Hefny: “You restrung your bass and it’s sounding good?”
Hazem: “No. Regardless of the sound, I am ready to record”
Hefny pauses for a moment and replies: “So you surely trained on the bassline and know it by heart then?”
Hazem: “Umm, no. Regardless of the training, I am ready to record”
Hefny pauses again and goes: “GO HOME, HAZEM!”

Another moment was in Cape Town while on tour; we were invited to an interview on Cape Town radio. On the day of the interview most of the band members were.. How can I put this? Let’s say “hammered”. We could barely talk or walk, LOL. Interview started and let’s just say that our responses were in a new language other than English- a small example: when we were asked “Are you guys having a good time in South Africa?”, one of us answered “We are having the life of our time”!
The radio broadcaster laughed and said “You mean you are having the time of your life”, but one of us replied “YES, we are having the life of our time”. Again! LOL.


So how do you guys manage to afford the time for Anarchy and your personal lives?
By proper planning, commitment and being lucky that all people around us in our personal life are very supportive to Anarchy.


As for 2014, it too comes packed with live activities- Neck Buster back in March, Wacken Metal Battle Egypt in May- and a tour in Spain in July. How are you preparing for all this?
That’s true. 2014 is and will be a busy year for us, but we do nothing differently. We train hard, jam harder and give our best on each stage where we perform. That said, we would like to highlight that this coming Wacken battle of the bands on 3rd of May means a lot not only to the participating bands but also for the entire Egyptian Metal scene. This is the first time Wacken takes a closer look into the Egyptian Metal scene so let’s all bands and fans give them a hell of a battle.


And there are talks about a new album this year, have you guys decided on a release date yet?
No albums will be released by Anarchy this year but a single will be out soon.


In regards to the distribution deal you signed with Legacy Records last year, is it going to be applicable for upcoming album, too?
Our contract with Legacy Records is for Scriptorium. For the next album, we haven’t decided yet.


blankWhat impact do you believe heavy music has on the Arab world nowadays?
Maybe it’s the other way around. The Arab world and all that’s going on in the area generates a lot of strong emotions that can be expressed through Metal, and as we all can see Middle Eastern African and Arabian Metal is on the rise like never before.


Having experienced both, what does the music industry abroad possess that blankEgypt’s own requires in order for it to prosper?
Actually we have a strong music industry in Egypt but it’s been directed in a one-way road a million miles away from Metal for so long now. In order to Metal music in Egypt to rise and be called Egyptian Metal music industry you need everything that’s normally found in other countries which respect and appreciate the music like labels, more venues, more promoters ,more organizers, sponsors. But hopefully one day we will have it all.

If I ask you to name one thing music has taught you, what will it be?

Adham: Patience
Hazem: Listening to others.
Naeyer: Persistence.
Peter: That everything in life is related.
Raouf: That through music you can create your own world and live in it.