● After releasing a series of covers, what compelled you to release an original song?

The plan was always to release original music. Prior to 2021 I hadn’t released anything before and didn’t have any social presence as a musician. I didn’t really want to release my original music to go out there without having the audience to share it with. The covers were part of the plan to help me develop a bit of an audience before releasing my original music.


● What was the inspiration behind “Something About You”?

The song is really about love at first sight. It’s something that is really difficult to explain but you have this feeling inside you that you know the person, or that you’ve met before and there’s just this feeling of being uncontrollably drawn to them. You can’t really describe what it is about that person that’s drawing you in, it’s just something about them.


● Listening to “Something About You” one could easily understand why you described your music as created from the heart. How do emotions play a role in the creative process?

They play a huge part. There has to be an emotional pull in the songs I write. It has to be about something that’s made me feel a certain way, otherwise what’s the point? Its sometime difficult to convey those emotions though so there is a lot of re-writing going on. I’m quite an emotional guy.


● How has COVID impacted your artistic journey?

Covid has really impacted my journey as a musician. For years I’ve written music and enjoyed playing but have never really done anything with it. Covid really created the space that I needed, to be able to really focus on it. I started recording lots of little covers and posting them online. At the same time an old friend of mine had decided to start up a record label as he’d always had a passion for music too. He saw some of the videos I had been posting and decided to get in touch. We started talking and through his encouragemnt, I agreed to release some music through the label he’d just set up. Without Covid, I wouldn’t have had the time and space to start creating some content and then may not have started the journey.

● What can you tell us about Acoustic Nights?

Acoustic nights was born out of Covid times really. It started as an online show. The idea was to provide a bit of a platform for talented musicians to share their music with others online. We carefully curated the list of acts performing and put on a number of shows during lockdown for people to enjoy. It was fantastic to work with some great local artists. Often as a musician it feels like your on your own, but we really managed to create a great sense of community and support with Acoustic Nights.


● Being a fresh-faced young musician, what can you bring to the music scene?

I’m entering the music industry later on in life so have lots of life experience that comes out emotionally in my music. I want to create and share stories through emotional music that takes listeners on a journey.

● Who are your artistic influences and how have they tapped into your music?

I listen to a lot of modern pop, soul and gospel music, but back in the day it was rnb. I like lots of different genres all of which help influence my music.


● What are your upcoming projects?

Something about you is my latest track and is coming out on the 14th January. So early on in 2022 I’ll be spending my time promoting this track and also finalising the release of my next track “frozen here” which will come out towards the end of February.

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