Adam Randy just released his new single “Don’t Play” after the huge success of his previous release “Another Song” that got international recognition…and today we got a chance to speak with him, see how his creative process works and how he feels towards all of that success…

  • First of all…when “Another Song” reached the success it got…how did that feel? Did you think that it would go this far?

I was thrilled to see how successful “Another Song” became! I knew that it was a really good song but just like with any other artist, the audience ultimately determines the success of a song.

  • What got you into music in the first place? And how did you get to play this many instruments?

I have had a passion for music since I was a child. I took music lessons for various instruments (piano, guitar, drums and trumpet) but didn’t stick with any of them. I rediscovered my love of playing music in high school through a music fundamentals/basic theory class and started writing lyrics first and then eventually music. I had played piano for years but eventually taught myself to play rhythm acoustic guitar which provided an entire new dimension for creating music! Although piano and guitar are my primary instruments, I can arrange for other instruments and therefore came up with most of the ideas for those instruments in my songs and either used synths or had other session players record those parts.

  • How did you get to meet the awesome musicians that worked with you on “Don’t Play”? Are you already friends?

Kenny (who played drums, rhythm electric guitar and bass) was the primary engineer for my newest batch of songs, so of course I knew him well. I also hired a lead guitar player that Kenny recommended and he did a great job with the guitar solos. I played the rest of the instruments on that track.

  • You create very catchy and anthemic songs…what’s your creative process to reach this kind of outcome?

Thank you…I certainly try!! Most of the time, the music comes first (usually from a melodic idea along with a chord progression) and then the lyrics come later. Some ideas come to me in my dreams, while other ideas can pop into my head at any given moment (the challenge is trying to remember those ideas or being able to write them down so that I don’t forget). Some songs come quickly while others take weeks or even months to write. At times, I will start a song and then come back to it later if I get stuck. In addition, some songs I write on piano while others on acoustic guitar-it just depends on the type of song, the tempo and the potential arrangement that I envision for that song. Lastly, my love for 60’s, 70’s and 80’s pop/rock music certainly influences my style/sound and frame of reference.

  •  …and for the gearheads out there, me included, are you digital or analog? And what’s the gear you used to record “Don’t Play”

I really don’t consider myself a gearhead and I am a bit old school in a sense. I recorded my debut album a few years back using analog (to add warmth to the sound) but recorded my newest batch of songs in digital. The instruments used are standard while the programmed sounds were from Pro Tools and my own Yamaha keyboard at home.

  • Any notable gigs you have played so far?

The most notable gig that I have played so far was a benefit show at the Bitter End in New York City. Many famous artists and bands have played at this intimate venue since the early 1960’s including my musical hero, Neil Diamond, who got his start playing there. To perform on the same stage as Neil did in the mid-60’s was truly surreal and an experience that I will never forget!!! 

  • So, for the coming years, what’s your plan? Focusing on live gigs or focusing on recording and releasing new music?

My long-term plan is to do a combination of performing live with a backing band and writing, recording and releasing new music. I also hope to have my songs used for licensing/sync opportunities in TV and movies and which I am currently working on with my publisher.

  • In one sentence…could you tell the audience why they should listen to your latest single “Don’t Play”?

“Don’t Play” is a rocking and edgy tune that speaks to those who have been toyed with or used when it comes to love and encourages the listener to assert themselves and “fight fire with fire” so to speak!!

  • Adam, it was a pleasure chatting with you, we had a blast…we wish you all the luck in the world and can’t wait to see what you come up with next with your music…we’ll be on the lookout.