Chaos, a metal band that comes from Palestine, and although they face many difficult challenges every single day, they always pull themselves together with their unique friendship, let’s know more about them through this special interview with their guitarist “Feras Naddaf”.

How did the band members meet each other?

Chaos: Well me (Feras: guitar) and Fadi (guitar) were friends and played guitar since we were kids and Shady (vocal) was with us, it all started when we used to work as waiters in a hotel in Nazareth and we started talking, one thing led to another; we became friends and we also were into the same kind of music, Fadi got to know Fares (drums) in College as they were in the same class and they became friends. After that, Fadi and I met in this bar as always, so I brought Shady with me that night and he brought Fares and ever since that night we all became close friends and with the same love to Metal Music.

Chaos is a very interesting name for a band, how and why did you choose it?
Chaos: The name CHAOS explains the quote that we use; “Solution Comes After Revolution”, we see all the problems going on in this world, the failures of leaders that happen because they are only humans but they think of themselves as gods, they make decisions and give orders that come out as failures as they result in killing many innocent lives and cause injustice for others. So we see that this world needs Chaos to change it, and give people a slap on the face to wake them up and let them see what’s going on and where are we heading if this continues.

I knew through your facebook official group that the band plays metal music, what genre of metal exactly, and why did you choose that genre?
Chaos: First of all Metal music is in our souls and it’s the only ideal type of music to express the feelings and the subjects we are writing about. So Chaos chose to play Aggressive Groove Oriental Metal, maybe that is not a genre anyone heard of before but it’s our own style we made it throughout the years, and we happened to love our Oriental music and our ears got really used to the Oriental scales and we like aggressive groove metal.

When was the first appearance of the band on stage, and how did you feel about it? and what was the audience reaction?
Chaos: Actually our first appearance was four months after our band was made and, we did some covers of old school metal bands like; Metallica, Iron Maiden, Halloween and Pantera, we didn’t know what to expect from the audience but when we got on stage people were head banging and raising their hands in respect, that was such an amazing start for Chaos and that made us continue and do what we are born to do.

Could you please tell me about your album “Facing the Nation” in detail?
Chaos: This album is our first, we have worked so much on it because we had a real good time and it came out in January 2010, it has many vibes going on through it, because it’s about the way we see the world and how injustice is taking it over and how systems are lying and hiding the truth from everyone and keeping the truth buried beneath the ground, and how we want to change all that and need the truth to come out and be exposed to everyone. Also in this album we talk about societies and social lives of people affected in this situation due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Feras, as an Arab metal band playing and performing in Israel, did you face any trouble of any kind?
Chaos: The way I see it, Israel has a real weak metal scene, because the entire world knows what kind of trouble Israel is and what interests this country, so any kind of art or music in Israel doesn’t get it it’s values as much as other countries, so for an Arab metal band what do you think! It is really hard for us to get on stage because of the lack of shows and metal concerts here, and even if they make a metal festival, we have to hold on to the organizer with our hands and teeth in order to give us a chance to get on stage. So this is the situation here, it sucks.

Can you please describe the relationship between the band members and how is it going so far?
Chaos: We have been friends for years even before the band started and we are doing really well and it has been one hell of a ride until now, it’s just the beginning.

What’s the message that Chaos are trying to deliver through their music?
Chaos: World peace, respect, love all human kind, live and let live.

Any future plans or other upcoming albums?
Chaos: Sure, we are working on our next album, we already finished three songs, but let me promise the fans that our next album is going to continue the story of the previous one with more powerful music.