• First off, I want to thank you deeply for giving me the honor of interviewing one of the greatest Doom Metal bands ever, My Dying Bride! Currently, you are celebrating your 29th anniversary, Are you preparing any special events or shows for your 29th anniversary?
Aaron: Actually no. We are waiting for next year when we reach the ripe old age of 30, Then we will have a proper celebration.

• In the past few years, Doom Metal Genre witnessed many changes such as new sub genres, new bands and more experimental musical combinations. How can you describe the Doom Metal industry nowadays?
Aaron: I like the fact that there are many aspects to Doom metal these days. Some are quite commercial and others can be very dark and underground but it’s a healthy scene and very diverse which is a great thing.

• As you’re already one of the earliest bands that defines the mood and taste of Doom Metal music. What are the rising Doom Metal bands which you predict a bright future for them?
Aaron: It is a tough game. Sometimes naming bands because you will then get some folk saying that they are not a 100% doom band, therefore should not be classed as doom. We are actually not a 100% doom band as we have had death metal, gothic and even a touch of black metal in our music. Also, I don’t follow the scene too closely as there is a new band formed nearly everyweek and to be honest I have little time to watch the births of all the latest bands.

• I think, My Dying Bride is a favorite band for every Doom Metal lover, as for me I am a fan of “My Wine in Silence,” “Two Winters Only” and “Cry of the Mankind”, What are the main influences that create the beauty and magic of My Dying Bride music?
Aaron: I believe it comes from the land we live in. Here, in the north of England, it is beautiful with hills, valleys, rivers and lakes; and quite a lot of rain! I find deep inspiration from my surroundings, just walking in the air and soaking up the natural history of Yorkshire. I read a lot too when I am out and often find inspiration in the literature of other authors.

• How do you see the Metal music industry right now? And what are the main challenges that face the rising bands?
Aaron: The entire metal scene is HUGE! Which is good news for all of us. Any new band making an impression on the general public offers bands like ours a chance to be noticed too; so that’s all good. Regarding the challanges, I think the main challenges are over-population of the scene and trying to make a name out of yourself while everyone else is trying the exact same thing. It will be very hard for a new band to make any money as they virtually have to give most of their music away in order to spread it worldwide and record labels are making less money so they are not signing as many bands so it’s a difficult scene to make it big, which is why you really need to be really into music and not be focused on financials, only then you will be able to enjoy what you are doing.

• Now, you are working on a new album which your fans are starving for its news, could you tell us the main theme of the album? Will be there any guest members? And will the album carry a new combination or addition in My Dying Bride music?
Aaron: The new LP will be much easier for the average person to get into as it is less complex than some of our previous releases but it will be doomy as hell and utterly miserable; in an acceptable way of course. Lindy-Fay Hella (wardruna) will be a guest vocalist and her work is very haunting and beautiful.

• I want to move and talk about a gentle humanitarian topic, you announced that you will participate in donating for one of the children cancer institutions, How did the idea come to your mind and How is the process of collecting funds going?
Aaron: I have been given many metal items from friends which I will sell on eBay very soon to raise money for “Candlelighters” a children’s cancer charity that helped us get through a hugely terrible time. Loads of stuff from Paradise Lost, Opeth and tons of bands as well as rare My Dying Bride items too. We will announce it on Facebook before we start the auction so that everyone will know about it.

• As we are a Middle Eastern Metal platform; How do you see the Metal Scene in the Middle East and North Africa? And are you in contact with any Metal bands from the region?
Aaron: I hope that the scene there is growing all the time and that folks there can hold gigs as for bands and attend as much as they can as for fans. I know it’s difficult because of the culture but you must fight to keep the scene alive!
Sadly, I am not in contact with any metal bands from that area, but I understand that there are quite a few; while in fact more than ever before which is very good news.

• In the near Future, Will your fans have the chance to see you live in one of the Arab countries?
Aaron: I certainly hope so yes. Now that we are on Nuclear Blast we will have more power and money to travel to places we still yet to visit. We were going to play in Syria a long time ago but their government did not like the content of our lyrics so they said we could not play there. I am hopeful that things will change and that one day we can come over to perform for our loyal fans.

• Can you tell your Middle Eastern fans any exclusive news? And please send a message to your Middle Eastern fans.
Aaron: Exclusive news?! I’m not sure I have any. I generally chat about all the things concerning My Dying Bride all the time, so exclusive news would be a very rare thing. I can inform you, however that Calvin has once again left the band and he has already been replaced by Neil Blanchett from the band “Valafar” who will tour with the band in the future although he is not on the new LP.
My message for the fans would be “stay strong and faithful in music everyone and we hope to see some of you in the next few years.”

Written by : Rana Atef.
Edited by : Amged Mahmoud.


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