We usually come across releases that are inspired by the artist’s favorite musicians, their longing for a particular place or a particular somebody, or by just the love of music,  this is my first experience with a song that’s inspired (in part) by the dreariness and the bad temperature of where the artist lives.

Torre di Fine is a band from Venice, and apparently, Venice is very boring, and the weather isn’t as good as it looks in the movies, or at least that’s what they say. Interlagos is a weird one. For one, it’s almost instrumental, the vocals are only there as an effect, heavily reverbed and pushed to the rearmost layers of the arrangement to act as a bizarre, eerie instrument of some kind. The dynamic dichotomy of the brooding, quiet, and dark sections, and the explosive, heavy-handed sections with abrasive fuzz tones is a bold and dense decision, masterfully executed, it gives meaning to both the noise, and the quietness.

Torre di Fine’s latest single is abrasive, cool, and musically interesting. A strange collection of half-extreme experiments that have all gone well. And I’m having it on repeat.