The skilled musician, Steven Clarkson, is truly a role model of productivity when it comes to doing something you love. In his musical project, “When Mountains Speak,” he keeps creating wonderful tracks, listening to what his heart has to say, paying attention to his surroundings and altering them into music.

His single, “Insight,” takes you on a journey where you have a cleansing ritual. Close your eyes, listen to it with a mind full of questions, and during the eight minutes, it starts untangling all the messy thoughts, answering the universe’s biggest questions, and finding life’s purpose. That’s how it feels listening to it, but realistically, it makes the ideal background track during your actual quest.

From the very beginning, with the psychedelic sound, you’ll feel like you’re about to start the journey of a lifetime, one that you’ll return from as a totally different person. Gradually, you’ll feel like the enigma is being revealed, barriers are crumbling in your mind, and you’re on the verge of finding the answer you’re seeking.

I enjoyed the oriental influences. It’s not forced at all, nor exaggerated. As a first attempt to use the soprano sax, it’s astonishing indeed! Its sound feels as if it’s the little voice in your head who guides you down the right path. The great electric guitars, on the other hand, built up a dark ambiance, giving the feeling of resisting to gain insight and finish the quest. The instruments might convey different types of feelings, but they are working pretty well together under the umbrella of psychedelic rock to create portals that take you from level to level.

The visual presentation helps your imagination go wild on the journey. It takes you places in search of spiritual growth. By the end of the presentation, the sun is rising, and you’ll feel as if your soul is shining too.

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