Following up the release of his well-received debut EP Epigenesis in 2022, guitarist Leo Romero embarked on a new journey in which he’ll release a series of singles that starts with Inside a Dream on the 13th of March 2023, leading to the release of his first full-length. With the addition of Alan J. Mores (drums), Eduardo Velázquez (bass), and Carlos Gonzales (rhythm guitar), Leo Romero decided to turn his project into a full band, and while collaborating with composer and arranger Angel Gomez, Romero takes us on an unmatched sonic journey with Inside A Dream. Let me tell you more about it.

Leo Romero opened Inside A Dream with a fully orchestrated intimidating intro, before engaging in a streaming melodic flow that promises an interesting musical experience. Romero‘s brilliant guitar work will keep you following his catchy licks and riffs, as he cleverly crafts his dynamic structure and carefully steers it through its twists and turns keeping his energetic mood intact. The guitar/violins going conversation is very interesting and I loved how it was used to create a powerful buildup for Leo Romero‘s killer guitar hero soloing. The drum lines were pretty intense and interesting, played a great role in boosting the song’s dynamics, and added a jazzy groovy flow to its sound, producing a highly technical, tight sound that perfectly fits Inside a Dream‘s progression. 

Inside A Dream is a solid, well-written and arranged piece, it clearly shows Leo Romero‘s seasoned writing skills and top-notch musicianship as he smoothly leads the listeners through its seamless irresistible progressions and streaming melodies. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more from Leo Romero, keep on rocking my friend. Cheers!