The track starts with instrumental symphonic music for a minute and 5 seconds. The riff carries a darkened and painful tune to reflect the negative atmosphere of the song. The vocals join the instruments at 1:06 to add to the sorrowful mood. From 2:09 to 2:50, there is an interval of calm mournful guitar tunes with different vocal tones lined with a Gothic taste. Next, there is a deep melodic part with an intense background from guitars, drums, and symphonic instruments. By 2:51, the end is nearer, and the sound of keys goes higher. Through the arrangement of the song, the band successfully sets the cold mood of autumn and winter especially at 4:43 when the riffs take a deeper turn.


Inner Missing uses scenes from their live performances along with other scenes of nature, all in the tones of black, white and gray.

Inner Missing chooses to give their fans a nice gift for autumn. The melodies and the vibes Inner Missing use through the track reflect the pain of a wounded soul. Through their music, they manage to imitate the smell of dust or the touch of a fallen yellow leaf.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie


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