If you don’t know Inner Missing, you may have heard about them after the Metal Blast 2016 line up. They’ve pleased us by coming here end of April 2016, where you can check our review here if you weren’t there.
Without further adu, let’s move on to reviewing Inner Missing from Russia. Russia always gives us strong Doom and Death Metal bands so let’s check them out and review their music video entitled ‘December’.

The video opens with some landscapes of a forlorn frozen forest, old statues, snow, moving shades and dead trees. It’s what you can call, a detailed landscape for a dead winter. Those cold cruel scenes carry real cold music with sad keynotes and cold guitar tunes and drums.

The band’s members move slowly through, like how the bleak atmosphere of winter sneaks into your soul. When the music rises with the symphonic cold colors, the rates of falling snow rise too. Inner Missing pictures the scenes of dead winter to refer to the coldness of human soul caused by depression and sorrow. The black and white footage also gives it an even more cold effect as there are no colors in sadness, or winter.

December music is emotional, bittersweet, depressed music with strong attractive vocals. There is a high harmony between the music and the video. Every tone is expressed well through the video. The video is well made and I highly recommend you to watch it as well as having time to check their music.

Edited by: NJ Bakr