Veritesque Productions

A couple of months ago we reviewed Pena Hughes-John’s single “Lullaby” and today she’s back with a different sound and approach on her new single “Inner Child”, a loud reminder to all of us who lost our inner child along the way.

Pounding drums and rocking guitar melody will grab your attention at the beginning before Pena Hughes-John’s vocals kick in, she’s using crystal clear words to deliver her message with powerful rocking vocal melody through the verse and especially in the catchy flowing chorus. The melodic guitar solo hits right at the perfect time breaking through the steadiness and boosting the song’s dynamics preparing for the following chorus that leads to the outro.

“Inner Child” introduces us to the rocking side of Pena Hughes-John and it is a cool introduction, her alternative rock style, powerful fluid lyrics, and catchy melodies put you right into the song’s mood guaranteeing an enjoyable listening experience. Looking forward to more, cheers!