Hard rock band DRAGONFLY EFFECT has released a heavy and melodic new alt-rock single titled “INFECTED” on the 3rd of March from Pittsburgh, United States.

DRAGONFLY EFFECT has partnered up with Breaking Benjamin’s former drummer Chad Szeliga on their latest single release “INFECTED” making it one of the punchiest, heaviest, and most hard-hitting releases I’ve heard this year.

“INFECTED” starts off on a synth sound that is otherworldly and ominous; an atonal, filtered drone that builds up intrigue for the first fifteen seconds. I didn’t know what to expect from the brief mystery before it hit me, ‘it’ being the snare that threw my head back from just how absolutely freaking punchy it is. This split second of a kick and a snare flam were enough to set my expectations quite high, and they were more than met with what followed after only the first fifteen seconds of “INFECTED”.

It’s fair to say that there’s an apparent influence from Breaking Benjamin in BUTTERFLY EFFECT’s “INFECTED” which is partly due to Chad Szeliga’s powerful presence on the drums, but BUTTERFLY EFFECT is heavier, grittier, and more innovative with the use of electronic sounds and dark synths that blend perfectly into their music.