MOTE, an American singer, songwriter, and musician, comes back with another timeless track after releasing a string of singles in 2022. The song “Industrial Love” is the first single he has put out this year, and it is the sixth consecutive entry in a series of tracks that he began releasing in the year 2020.

Although MOTE was born in Nashville, Tennessee, his musical style is far more reminiscent of the synthwave, new wave, and other forms that were popular in Europe in the 80s. Nevertheless, that is not the only thing that “Industrial Love” is about. The modern music influences in the composition make for a catchy song that moves through so many different genres of music.

It’s easy to notice the way the synthesised melodies and riffs work in harmony together, and how the beats keep a steady pace throughout the track. The sound is practically straightforward in the verse, but in the chorus, there are many unique melodies, tonal subtleties, and basslines all working together in sync despite the fact that the tempo does not change.

MOTE gave the song a synth rock sound that is striking and full of energy. The energy and synthesised atmosphere of the song draw the listener in right away and give the music a good balance.

The track has a way of getting under your skin, making you hope for a brighter tomorrow and prompting you to reflect on happier times. If contemporary synth-pop music with a touch of tonal escapism is your thing, then this song is the perfect choice.