Keanu Ienco is a native American/Canadian musician who mixes a lot of influences from traditional music of North American Indigenous people to rock and jazz in his music. He is set to release his debut album “Celestial Desire” on March 18, 2022, he released his 1st single “I Still Shine” on 21st Jan and teamed up with indie-folk musician Elise Boulanger who took charge of the vocals on his 2nd single “Indigo”. Keanu describes “Indigo” as “an emotional song he wrote about saying goodbye to a lover and learning to grow from the pain” so, let’s dig deeper into it.

“Indigo” is a very unique piece from Keanu Ienco, he has a very good command of melody and knows how to use it carefully and effectively. From the very beginning of the song, you’ll be hit by that beautiful main melody once you press play then comes that dreamy vocal melody that’ll make you feel like you’re flying. One of the most interesting things about “Indigo” is the perfect balance between the guitar melodies and Elise’s vocals, they are both engaging in an equal conversation where you’ll enjoy them both without anyone of them taking control over the other. Keanu is playing in a very dangerous area with all these melodies coz it can easily be overdone and sounds a bit cheesy but he knows how to handle it perfectly, you’ll hear him throwing some jazzy parts like the one around min 2:40 and sometimes adding some heavy riffing to shake things up and that groovy bass and drums lines will get you swaying throughout the song.
“Indigo” is simply a well-crafted piece of art that was written so you can enjoy every note of these 5:14 minutes, it has a fluid melody that’s filled with lots of emotions and grooves and breaks that’ll keep you focused and hooked. Totally recommended for anyone who likes good music and I’m looking forward for more from Keanu Ienco.

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