Anna Siciliano (Vocals), Dylan Kelly (Guitar), Marley Perez (Guitar), and Justin Gibble (Drums) are born and bred New Yorkers who have come together to form Club Lotus. They take great care in distilling something for themselves, in the hopes that others can enjoy that journey with them.

Stole My Ace” isn’t necessarily a romantic song, but in essence it’s about taking love back from people that stole it. For the Club Lotus songwriters, their “ace” is the love and energy stolen from by toxicity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be everybody else’s ace, too.

“This song, like many songs, was written almost as a form of therapy,” says Club Lotus vocalist, Anna Siciliano. “I often write when I’m emotionally overwhelmed, so it acts as stress relief. My goal when writing lyrics is always to express exactly what I’m feeling in the moment of writing, and to let go of any abundance of emotion. That way, hopefully, people who listen to the song can feel the same release as I did when I wrote it.”

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