The indie-rock band Dakota 66 is preparing to release their debut single “Bubble,” a lively, affectionate friendship anthem about euphoric moments of connecting, and knowing someone has got your back. True to its title, the track is bubbly and warm, celebrating the relationships that make us feel comfortable and the beauty of being there for one another.
Irish indie-rock band Dakota 66 has been playing together for more than a decade. Composed of J Gallagher (vocals), Brian Grace (guitar), Brian Curran (bass), and Thomas Leonard (drums), Dakota 66 draws influences from country rock, post-punk, artists ranging from The National and R.E.M., to Radiohead, Lou Reed and David Bowie. After ten years of playing together, Dakota 66 are due to release their debut album, If Not Now, When, later this year. Taking the long way and ensuring that they would be putting out their best, most refined work, the band knows their songs have something to say – and now, they are ready to share them as they are: reflections on life, people, hope, loss, and emotions.


Press via Trend PR