Credit: The Vaniers + Pablo Campos

The Vaniers [van-ee-ays] are a Toronto-based rock trio formed in 2016 by Diego Paz (bass guitar/vocals), Alex Iacobellis (guitar), and Nick Donato (drums). Known for delivering scorching live performances and dazzling crowds, The Vaniers have become a staple in the Toronto music scene, celebrated for their high-octane shows and catchy tunes.

The three band members each like a wide variety of music: in-your-face rock tunes, catchy songs, and songs that tell stories. Their new single, “Charlie,” is kind of a mix of that. This is music that they want to hear. It’s not out there, so they decided to make it themselves.

It’s universal. Everyone knows a “Charlie,” some have lived as a “Charlie” – and surely a lot of people want to be a “Charlie.” In this case, the focus of the song is about a man named “Charlie” who wants to chase after his dreams despite everyone around him being pessimistic about his star power. This is The Vaniers‘ way of saying, “At the end of the day, you just gotta do it.”

Believe it or not, “Charlie,” and most of the songs on this record, were stolen from us. Our hard drives, all of our work up to that point, disappeared overnight. To keep it short, we had to start the entire process again. Of course, we were gutted when it happened, but looking back on it, the songs went through more deliberation as a result. The second time around, we really doubled down on some of the risks we took, and through that we feel we made some of our most sincere music that is truest to ourselves as artists, and as people. – Diego Paz

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