Sim Bansal of Action Forever grew up in Brantford, Ontario. His obsession with music began at age five and, for the next two decades, his natural talents were fostered by a musical family upbringing and constant exposure to a unique and eclectic mix of influences ranging namely from 80’s pop, to progressive rock, to jazz and Indie.

For years, he has been working on a body of original fringe-pop music for a four-piece band, now being released under the name Action Forever. The music, while lively, electric, melodic and danceable, explores darker themes such as loneliness in a digital age, abusive relationships, loss of identity, and mental health.

The semi-autobiographical track, “In the Dead of Night,” is a reflection on the obvious downsides of being in a long distance relationship – not being able to hold your partner in your arms, look into their eyes, or hear their real voice next to you. For Sim, he started to believe the seed for the song, in part, came from a feeling of codependence. Upon analyzing what he’d written – in the moment, sort of quickly and instinctively, those lyrics struck him as more troubled than romantic.

Though there is a lot of tension between the characters of the song, Sim wanted to make something upbeat and danceable to accentuate this feeling of stress and urgency. In addition, the counter melodies in the second verse were inspired by little musical carousel toys.

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