With the hope of creating a voice for the LGBTQ2S+ community and others trying to find their place, Vancouver indie artist, Zoey Leven (she/they), aims to be a successful recording artist, defying stereotypes and expectations with her androgynous look and passionate voice.

Her fun and romantic new single, “Pretty Girl,” is a personal love song written for her partner, as a Valentine’s day present. It’s a great autumn tune, with light and breezy guitar tones, and a jazzier bass line to drive the song under some upbeat drums.

Stream + share “Pretty Girl” now: https://bfan.link/zoeyleven-prettygirl

The songwriting process was really fun since I wanted to put a bunch of little inside jokes in the lyrics. I wanted to make my partner cry and laugh at the same time and it worked! My favourite line I put in is definitely the outro lyrics, when I call her a butthead. It definitely catches your ear! …It’s cheesy I know, but to this day I always look at her in the crowd when I play it, and it makes us both smile.

Press via Auteur Research


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