Ryan Yingst is an artist, songwriter, engineer, and producer from Nashville, USA with various influences and styles that he tries to mix and produce something new with his own signature in each of his releases. Based on a poem by Madison Wrubleski and combining friends’ efforts from keyboards in L.A., drums from Pittsburgh PA, and organ from Nashville TN, Ryan Yingst wrote and produced his latest single “Incessant” so, let’s dig deeper into it

With mellow clean guitars “Incessant” starts paving the way for some tight guitar work we’ll be experiencing as we go through it. I loved how he made his skills shine in each part of this song, as an example, you’ll feel like the vocal melody is taking full control of the verse with Yingst flexing his vocal abilities in full harmony with the groovy guitar melody while the chorus is a 50-50 collaboration between both with Ryan Yingst laying some sweet bluesy guitar licks over his vocals with both sharing the spotlight. My favorite part comes around the 1:50 mins mark, we get a classic guitar god moment with some well-written, well played guitar solos and licks over groovy jazzy drumlines that reminded me of a lot of classics before smoothly reconnecting with that catchy chorus that takes us to a verse and chorus filled with enjoyable licks and solos, shaking off the structure and boosting the song’s dynamics till the end.

“Incessant” is a clear example of Ryan Yingst’s songwriting skills, singing, and for sure brilliant smooth guitar. It made me interested in listening to more of his songs and will be keeping an eye on his future releases wishing for more grooves and licks. Looking forward to your next release, cheers!