With their debut record Oblivion out, the Norwegian rockers Crave are about to take over the music scene with their irresistible melodies and well-written and arranged structures, and today we’re gonna dig deep into their sound as we review their song In The Shadow Of The Moon. Let me tell you more about it. 

Paying tribute to their old-school roots, Crave kickstarted In The Shadow Of The Moon with a rocking groovy riff mixed with some Deep Purple-ish keys and strong expressive vocals. They created a smooth flow that gets pretty interesting as the song goes, with the help of a jazzy, extremely enjoyable drum line and eargasmic guitar melodies that kept me hooked and focused throughout the whole song. The Shadow Of The Moon has an open, streaming sound that brings back lots of memories, as their melodies smoothly flow seamlessly through a dynamic structure with catchy twists and turns, and mellow progressions. The guitar work and drumming are extremely impressive, filling every part with licks and solos while the drummer led the song’s pace and groove cleverly forcing you to slowly bang your head to his beats, alongside the deep emotional vocals and atmospheric keys, all pushing together towards a satisfying instant classic. 

The Shadow Of The Moon is a catchy rocking piece by Crave that shows their musicianship and writing skills. They managed to stay true to their roots and influences without losing their identity, creating an original mix with a modern touch that’s their very own. Looking forward to more from Crave, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!